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Off to Ireland again....

Just a quick update as by the time this is published we'll be on our way to Ireland. I'm backtracking to last Wednesday when I walked with my group from a village called Preston; which was near Hitchin in Hertfordshire. It was a beautiful day. We'd been enjoying a week of warm sunshine and it makes for a beautiful walk. Hertfordshire is not flat like Bedfordshire and so we were climbing up and down small hills; a lovely walk. When we stopped for our break on the walk on Wednesday we stopped in a church yard and the ground was littered with huge fir cones. I stuffed my rucksack full of them as they make good kindling for the fire. I stayed in my walking gear all day and went to Aldi on the way home to buy stuff for dinner and picked up the youngest grandson from school. In the evening we finished watching the Belgian drama 'Black Out' and I started to watch 'Hidden;' a current BBC 4 Welsh drama series with subtitles for those of us who don't speak Welsh.

Birthday and a visit to Oxford

Hello again.   Another fortnight has flown by!   I woke up to bright blue skies on my 68th birthday on Wednesday. This was the outfit I wore. Everything charity shopped. The top is one of the vintage items I picked up from the vintage event at the Children's Society the week before. The jacket by Lazarus of London; I wore it open after I took the photos. The jumper was by M&S another 1.00 rail find;  boyfriend fit jeans by Next; boots by New Look. The beads were bought on Tuesday afternoon when I went to the Multiple Sclerosis unit to look at their 'Everything 1.00 sale;' which the manager at the charity shop told me about. I didn't realise they had a charity shop on their premises. I bought a vintage dressing gown (I had a similar one in the 1970s) and found a red cross body bag after months of searching - all for 1.00 per item! They also had 4 books for a 1.00 but I had bought enough books at the weekend so resisted temptation - this time...           Forget-me-no