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After the Storms

Hello again! Just waiting on the third pot of hyacinths to bloom; the smell when you come into the house is heavenly. I didn't used to like the smell but as I've got older I do. Well, that was a bit weird. As many of you will know I write my blog almost daily; I have to otherwise I'd never remember what I did. I'd written up about 3 days of what I had been up to but when   I went to carry on with today's entry it had disappeared. Where I don't know - into cyber space, whatever and wherever that is!  Sorry about the demon eyes again... On Wednesday I walked with my group from Moggerhanger to Willington to Great Barford and back along the river; a 7.3 mile walk with very little mud so my new walking boots still look pretty clean. That won't last! Someone told me in the group that there is an open water swimming club at Great Barford. I tried to find out more online but there was no information about a swimming club. Luckily, my daughter knows someone who swims