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Walking, rummaging and an exhibition

Hello again. Another two weeks have flown by... Earlier this month I meant to join in with Gail of 'Is this Mutton'  ( HERE ) and her   7 day skirt challenge which started on 3rd January, but forgot! Although it did make me try to wear more skirts. However, when I looked back at outfit photos from the middle of November 2021 to approximately the middle of January 2022 - roughly 8 weeks - I found I'd worn skirts on 13 occasions and only wore the same skirt twice in that period. So for someone who thinks they don't wear skirts that often I actually surprised myself! I didn't walk with the group last Wednesday as the walk was quite far away in Baldock. Instead I went for a walk in the morning walking 6 miles. It was very cold but bright and sunny; really good walking weather. Some of the walk was along a path beside the woods and across a field; my goodness was it muddy and slippery after the several days of rain we'd had. Horrible. I hope the mud dries up before I