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Getting Ready for Christmas

 That's the Festive Season almost over. Just New Year's Eve to see out.  We  usually spend it   in the company of Jools Holland and then it will be 2022! Where is the time going? It whizzes by so fast that another year has gone by before you know it... When I left you last it was Wednesday and on Wednesday's I usually walk with my group. I didn't on this occasion; instead I spent the day at an appointment in West Drayton on the outskirts of London with my friend, Ann. When we had finished we went to Uxbridge afterwards - just down the road from West Drayton; for lunch and a quick look around a few charity shops. Neither of us bought anything! I wore this pleated skirt by M&S; yellow top by Next (Street Jumble; 1.00); cardigan by Store 21 and black knee length boots; all charity shopped.. All jewellery charity shopped except the earrings which were bought in Donegal. Thursday was a hectic day but it usually is. I went swimming in the morning and swam 44 laps (1.4 km)

Christmas Fairs, dinners and decorations.

Well, that's another fortnight gone by! All jewellery charity shopped. Our walk on Wednesday was excellent. We walked from North Crawley to Chicheley and back; 7 miles. I'd never walked in this area before.  I've often driven past Chicheley Hall but although I tried to take a photo to show you; the planting around the house and gardens was so  prolific it was difficult to even discern there was a house there....another time maybe. It was a cold day with a bit of a breeze.   Driving the youngest grandson back from school; a green parakeet flew across the road in front of us. I've known we had parakeets in Bedford as I've seen them near the grandson's old school and have been told there was a nesting pair at the marina. When I told someone later they told me they had seen parakeets in Leicester! They're definitely spreading north from London... Thursday, on the other hand, was bitterly cold but sunny with a very chill wind. I went for a swim, nevertheless, and