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London visit; a birthday; snow and Omnicron!

 Hello! I can't believe how quickly the fortnight goes by and before I know it, it's time to post on my blog again... The top was bought from the 1.00 rail at Barnardos last Monday. It's by Manteray and what I like about it it's fully reversible. The other side is blue striped and both sides have pockets! Jeans by Next; charity shopped as was the scarf; boots online retail. Not much jewellery as I didn't bother with ring and bangle or even a necklace - see below why... The walks I led on Wednesday (7 miles) and Thursday (5 miles) were well attended and enjoyed by everyone including me. We had truly brilliant weather on Wednesday; warm and sunny with just a small breeze. When we stopped for our break we were basking in warm sunshine - in the middle of November! The weather was equally as good on the Thursday walk but it was breezier and became cloudier as the day went on. I wore what I have on in the photo above on Thursday; just added walking boots and socks and wor

A Family Norwich!

Hello again! I had a great walk on Wednesday of 7.5 miles around Sharnbrook and Souldrop;  villages about 6 or 7 miles from Bedford. We walked through quite a lot of woodland and this notice caught my eye. The woodland was cleared to provide feed for animals at London Zoo! I love that a use was found for the leaves and branches; and of course trees can grow more branches and we can grow more trees. The Colworth Estate was partnered with the Acer Conservation Trust to do this. Take note other landowners! The Colworth Estate is a science park owned and run by Unilever. After the walk I went to Aldi and Sainsbury's for some stuff for dinner and then picked up the youngest grandson. I made dinner for us all and then took him home. Swam the usual 45 laps on Thursday morning. It was strange coming out of the pool into a chilly outside. The coldness of the weather won't deter me from swimming though. This was Thursday's outfit. Everything charity shopped. Jeans by East; top by Cla