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Visitors and a gig

 Your good wishes for my walk worked! The weather on Wednesday 6th October, when I led a walk  for 23 people, was glorious. The breeze was quite sharp but when it died down the sun was so warm. It was a very enjoyable walk apart from when I got entangled in a briar and fell flat on my face! My hand was scratched but other than that I just got up and dusted myself down and carried on... I picked these lovely gladioli up at our Tesco Metro; only 1.00 per bunch with a Clubcard. In the garden there are still flowering plants. The Petunias haven't stopped blooming since Spring; the Busy Lizzies are still blooming as are the Rudbeckia and the Fuschias. There are a few roses still blooming and a couple of Salvias still have a few flowers left.  I went to the hairdressers after my 45 lap swim on Thursday morning; then headed out to do the food shopping. I wore casual comfortable clothing; all charity shopped and all have been on the blog before. All jewellery charity shopped. After I'd

Autumn is most definitely here

I forgot to include some holiday photos in my previous post.  In the mobile home.  Everything charity shopped except the shoes bought online. Skirt bought in a West Drayton charity shop a few years back; the denim jacket was bought in a Sligo charity shop for 5 euros. Tee shirt part of my caravan wardrobe. Earrings bought 2 years ago in Donegal and made by a local artisan. Necklace charity shopped on a recent UK rummage. Here we are at cousin Linda's in Co. Kerry. OH and I had just got back from Tralee where we went rummaging. I only bought a couple of books... Everything I'm wearing was charity shopped. Back to the UK now; holiday just a distant memory! I was very lucky on my walk with the walking group on Wednesday. The weather was lovely. I drove 34 miles to Harpenden where we walked 6.5 miles; much of it through the Rothampstead Estate which is an agricultural research institution and one of the oldest in the world; established in 1843. This is Rothamstead Manor house first