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And we're back!

 I've cheated a little bit with the title as I'm backtracking to the Wednesday before we set off for Ireland. I had planned to walk with my group in Woburn Sands and do a 7 mile walk. I wasn't too confident as to where Woburn Sands was so I used Google Maps on my phone. I don't know what went wrong but it sent me on a huge loop almost ending up back at home so I drove to Milton Ernest and recce'd a new walk that I'll be leading in October. There wasn't enough time to reset the Sat Nav as if you're not at the start point on a Rambler's walk by 10 am sharp they don't wait around! Anyway, I was pleased with new walk of 7.5 miles and it stayed dry although it rained on the way home. One thing puzzled me. Most of the fields on one particular part of the walk had been harvested but I spotted small piles of grain at edge of one field. Then I came across this: It's a huge pile of grain where the big compost heap usually is and it was burning; you can