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Cornwall; here we come - and go!

 Was I stiff and sore on Wednesday morning after my first swim in four months!   I had planned to go for a walk and then have a good old rummage in Bedford; but only managed the rummage. I was exhausted by the time I'd done everything and couldn't wait to sit down and put my feet up. I must have walked miles just around town.  I walked to the Daycare Hospice shop on London Road; then back to the High Street where I visited Cancer Research, Oxfam and the Salvation Army charity shops. I bought new towels in Cancer Research they're very good quality; I'd bought 4 bath sheets there previously. I also bought a pair of jeans by Next in the same shop; to replace my boyfriend jeans which don't fit as I like around the bum. I bought a pink jumper in Oxfam as I possess very little in the way of pink clothing. I then went into and around the bus station area and visited Sue Ryder; Wood Green Animal Shelter, Keech Hospice and the RSPCA. I bought a brown cross body bag in the Wo

More lockdown restriction easings...

On Wednesday, I went for a 5.3 mile walk in the morning. It was the same walk I'll be leading in June and I wanted to get the route fixed in my head. It was a cooler day than Tuesday which was 23.5 degrees in Bedford, but still sunny in the afternoon and pleasant. I didn't even bother with a jacket.  Top by George, trousers by M&S both charity shopped. Shoes bought in an Irish charity shop and all jewellery was from a charity shop except my Labradorite ring; a birthday present many years ago from my mum and brother. I drove to Edgeware in the afternoon to pick something up and I spent the rest of the day making dinner and catching up with blogland.  As our lockdown easing took effect from 29th March I had made plans to visit my cousin Marian in London on Thursday. By the time I arrived at her house at Thursday lunchtime, the sun was out and it was very pleasant sitting in her garden.  I gave her my rhubarb plant as I had no ground space for it and it won't thrive in a p