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A Collection of Coats and Jackets for the Winter Months

I walked with my group on Wednesday; the first time in 5 or 6 weeks. We met here in Ickwell Green and walked 4.5 miles; shorter than the advertised walk but the mud was a problem so an alternative route was walked. It was cold but bright; and when we stopped for our break near the end of the walk; we had mince pies and sang the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' in a wooded glade! I don't know what the wild life made of it... There were several pretty thatched houses in the village and I didn't think to take photos until the very end of the walk. I also wished I had worn a warmer top as I never really warmed up.  It took the car heater going full blast for several minutes on the way back until I felt warm again.  On the way home I stopped at the Bedford Daycare Hospice shop. I bought a cool green top by Quiz and Co; a yellow patterned shirt by Tu and a real bargain; a brand new never worn M&S  grey coat for 3.00! I stayed in my walking gear after adding a warm jumper when I

The blue dress challenge continued and the end of lockdown...

Day 2 - Blue Dress Challenge I wore this to the food bank on Tuesday.  Dress by Lily and Me; charity shopped but can't remember where. Boots online retail. The food bank was busy. I spent the morning packing toiletries away and making up toiletry packs for singles/couples and making up family packs. We had been given a big donation of out of date floral bouquets from M&S; and as there were so many; we were allowed to take one each. As it happens, I  had picked up 2 M&S bouquets for 1.00 each on Saturday at a local charity that collects leftover food and out of date items from supermarkets; and allows people to donate 1.00 and take their pick. I had kept one of the bouquets for myself and took one to my daughter's. The one I got from the food bank I dropped round to Ann. She was very pleased with it. After I dropped the flowers off I went home and baked, for the first time ever, a Pecan Pie. I forgot to take a photo of it and I'm afraid it's all gone now. It was