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Ireland and After, 2020

I arrived back into the UK late on a Wednesday evening; four days earlier than planned. It took me a day to unpack, wash and sort my stuff and the caravan washing and to catch up with the always necessary food shopping.  I also sorted out some clothes and filled one and a half black plastic sacks for the charity shop. I then ventured into town on Friday to to drop off my donations and collect my daughter's birthday present. Several of the charity shops that were closed when I left had reopened. I bought this blue and white lightweight jacket by M&Co for 1.00 in the Salvation Army. I don't like the new Blogger; the photo sizing is different from the one I used on my previous post; which I posted only a day ago! Anyway, back to Bedford where they were digging the town centre up with annoying one way systems in place. I walked miles just trying to get from one place to another. I was glad to see the 3:16 charity shop had reopened too; and picked up a nice linen dress in their