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Last Post before Ireland!

The Montbretia has started to bloom at the front of the house. Monbretia grows wild in Ireland and it made me feel very homesick. I planned to book the ferry this week, so I will be able to get to Ireland quite soon.  I went to the food bank on Tuesday and even though it was the 16th week since the UK official lockdown began back on 23rd March; we carried on in the same way as we did from the beginning of the lockdown. In the afternoon I went to town to run some errands including buying more bloody bird food. I haven't been able to buy big bags of mealworms anywhere in the last few weeks. Everywhere seems to be low or out of stock and it's so uneconomic to buy the small 90 gramme bags which run out in a couple of days. I spotted a sparrow and her baby today in my garden so I am happy to feed them if they are successfully rearing their young again on my patch. No further sightings of the Siskin, though. I have also spied young magpies and young jackdaws since writing this and it

Covid Chronicles - Weeks 14 and 15 - The Final Stages?

Hello again! It was all change for us on in England on 4th July. The PM made an announcement on Tuesday 23rd June. The 2 metre social distancing rule will be relaxed to 1 metre plus. Cafes, pubs, restaurants, theatres (no live performances, though) hairdressers, outdoor gyms, places of workshop; can all open as long as they are Covid-19 ready. Holiday accommodation can reopen and we can now stay away from home overnight. I can start thinking about booking a ferry to Ireland for later this year; but I think I will have to self-isolate for 14 days once there; unless Ireland changes this directive. White Top Challenge - Day 5 Tuesday 23rd June was the start of our heatwave. The food bank was nice and cool and I was the only one in this week. I did a lot of marking up where you put the use by date on tins, bottles and packets. Boring, but necessary...I wore my new floral loose trousers on Tuesday with a white ruffled top and forgot to take photos. The heat turns my brain to mush!  As I was