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Covid Chronicles Weeks 12 and 13; My New Normal...and some brooches

At this point we were in week 12 of the lockdown with the following week beginning to see the start of a return to 'normal' life; as all non essential shops would be allowed to open. Tuesday should have seen me taking my car to Bletchley to finally sort the oil leak; but my neighbour knocked on my door at 9am to tell me my car window had been smashed in. Someone had broken into my car and the other neighbour's car (we were parked side by side) using a large stone; and had tried to start the cars using a screwdriver. I found the blade of the screwdriver in my car and my other neighbour found the handle of the screwdriver in his. What a total pain it was contacting the  insurance; the police; clearing up the mess. It wasn't possible to get the window repaired until Friday so I had to find somewhere else to park it safely and of course I didn't get to Bletchley at all but had to rearrange for Thursday. Tuesday was the first nice day in a few days; warm, with bursts of

Covid Chronicles - Weeks 10 and 11

Week 10 of lockdown saw me doing my usual volunteering slot on Tuesdays to the food bank. We made up a lot of food parcels and restocked the hygiene pack crates. When I got home I had to go into town as we needed essential toiletries and while I was in the shop (Savers) treated myself to a new lipstick. Little bits of normality like this keep me sane. I haven't really had to alter my lifestyle since lockdown very much because of being retired; and luckily I'm a homebody and happy in my own company. It's also been good for OH; who states he feel fully rested after  having had 9 weeks off so far! It has also been a good trial run of what retirement might look like for him. He gets his state pension this time next year so retiring is an option; but I think he will work for long as he can. He is now on furlough until the end of July - he was officially informed today and is awaiting written confirmation. Everything charity shopped. Linen dress by Laura Ashley; jacket by