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Covid Chronicles - Weeks 4 and 5 UK Lockdown

Hello; I hope you are all bearing up. At the start of writing this blog post the UK government had just announced another 3 week period of lockdown; the position would be reviewed again on 7th May. I gave up with the blanket and turned it into a cushion cover. Don't worry my hands aren't idle; I've started a basic granny square blanket instead. It's a great stash buster. I started with some of the leftover blue and then began on the green stash. I'm hoping by the time I've finished it it will cover most of a double bed. It will be my second contribution to 'Knit for Peace'; a charity that sends knitted items to conflict zones around the world and to people in need. A big thanks to Mim  HERE  for telling me about them. On Wednesday, I walked 7 miles following a walk route I've led in the past. It was a lovely sunny, warm day and it was a pleasure to be out. I saw a fox crossing a field but wasn't quick enough to take a photo.

The jacket challenge continues/ finishes and starts again..

Who knew we would adapt so well to a form of imprisonment and enforced idleness? Surely after this people will realise that it is possible to work from home; that maybe not all of us have to work at full time jobs and could reduce hours; that it's great to spend time with the family; and that less pollution is a win win for everybody AND the planet? We shall friend Hilary says her chestiness has gone (she's asthmatic) for the first time in 30 years. She puts it down to the lack of traffic pollution. As for me it feels like I'm on holiday. I'm going to bed later and getting up later but still trying to keep a structure to my day by setting tasks to achieve on a daily basis; including down time for reading and crocheting. This was Wednesday's outfit on Week 2 of lockdown. Everything charity shopped except the OTK boots - online retail. Skirt by M&S; 1.00 rail in a Stamford charity shop. Top by River island;  1.00 rail somewhere. All