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A jacket challenge and some other stuff...

I have a confession to make. I've been going to bed with another man for the past couple of weeks. I know, it's awful; but that's the way it is. His name is Thomas; Thomas Cromwell to be exact and he's the lead character in 'The Mirror and the Light' by Hilary Mantel. At 887 pages he's been keeping me company for a good while! Life at the Tudor court is simply fascinating... To relieve the tedium that we're all facing  stuck at home; I thought I'd set myself a clothes challenge.  I've done dresses, tunics, maxis and skirts so that leaves jackets of which I have plenty. Currently there are 16 residing in my wardrobe - and there are several more stashed away with my summer clothes; I'll leave those until the summer; when I might repeat the challenges with my summer wear. Well, I've got to occupy myself somehow! Just realised looking at these photos that petticoat under the skirt was not pulled down as far as it should have been

Birthday Celebrations and the End of the Skirt Challenge

I had errands to run in town on Wednesday and when I'd finished decided to walk to the Danish Camp along the river. I walked on one side of the river there and on the other side on the way back. It was a bleak, grey day and it rained on the way back; but I just put my hood up. I'd walked 8 miles by the time I got in! Everything charity shopped. Boden cords and Oasis jumper from the 1.00 rail in my Barnardo's. The Nomads dress/tunic was also charity shopped but can't remember where. Grey boots online retail; they're getting very shabby so I'll be getting rid of them. All jewellery charity shopped. I bought the necklace in a Co. Derry charity shop for 3 euros. Thursday was busy. I went to Sharnbrook to pick up more coal, did the food shopping and put it away. I went swimming as I wanted to walk with the group on Friday. I went swimming about an hour later than I usually do and on a different day and had the middle lande completely to