Tuesday 31 March 2020

A jacket challenge and some other stuff...

I have a confession to make. I've been going to bed with another man for the past couple of weeks. I know, it's awful; but that's the way it is. His name is Thomas; Thomas Cromwell to be exact and he's the lead character in 'The Mirror and the Light' by Hilary Mantel. At 887 pages he's been keeping me company for a good while! Life at the Tudor court is simply fascinating...

To relieve the tedium that we're all facing  stuck at home; I thought I'd set myself a clothes challenge.  I've done dresses, tunics, maxis and skirts so that leaves jackets of which I have plenty. Currently there are 16 residing in my wardrobe - and there are several more stashed away with my summer clothes; I'll leave those until the summer; when I might repeat the challenges with my summer wear. Well, I've got to occupy myself somehow!

Just realised looking at these photos that petticoat under the skirt was not pulled down as far as it should have been - oops!
This skirt should have gone with the skirt challenge; but I bought it for 1.00 in the 3:16 charity shop when I had completed the challenge; and I was keen to wear it. It's by New Look. I had bought another tulle skirt  from a 1.00 rail back in the autumn; but it made me look like the Sugar Plum Fairy, (it was pale pink) so it got re donated. This one is a bit more grown up, I think.

Turquoise top 3.00 from a Stevenage charity shop and green and turquoise cardigan also charity shopped but goodness only knows where,

Shoes Primarni sale; 5.00 about two or three years ago.

All jewellery charity shopped except earrings from Sainsbury's.

I wore this outfit last Thursday. I went out to do my weekly food shop; I'll spare you the gory details only to say it took much longer than usual. Lidl had introduced rationing of essential items (biscuits? sweets? chocolates?) to a maximum of 2 each. I got everything I needed; but I did have to visit several shops to do so - including my local shop. I went into to town to run a couple of errands in the afternoon; mainly for the library. Everywhere was open except a couple of cafes. I saw an interesting crochet book in Oxfam's window so I went in and bought it! 

You might remember I was meant to lead a walk on Wednesday 18th. At about 4pm on the 17th the Ramblers decided to suspend all walks and walk related activities until the end of May. I had to go to the walk start on Wednesday in case anyone turned up and 5 people did. We decided to go for a walk, not as part of the Ramblers; but as a group of friends. We did 8 miles; saw the curly haired pigs and enjoyed mild, if grey weather.

On Friday, I met up with a couple of friends in Cambridge and we walked (at the required distance)  from Cambridge to Trumpington to Grantchester and back again along the river Cam and Grantchester Meadows. It was bright and sometimes sunny but the wind was very chilly. It was a brilliant walk and when we got to Trumpington there was a stall outside a community hall giving away free (pre-loved) wool so people could keep themselves busy during the lockdown period! I got a carrier bag full. When I was in Cambridge town centre there were almost no shops open except John Lewis; and a Black hair shop which also had berets in the window. As I had birthday money left I bought 3 berets; orange, green and yellow and wore the orange one on the walk! It was a 10 mile walk in total.

 This is 'The Old Vicarage' in Grantchester. Home to Rupert Brooke (First WW1 poet) and now home to Jeffrey and the 'fragrant' Mary Archer. They had some wonderful sculptures in their garden including a very well endowed naked shepherd! That's Rupert Brooke's statue in the top right photo.
Top L and R; the River Cam; bottom L the Corpus Clock in Cambridge (read more about it HERE and see the grasshopper  - which you can't see very well in my photo) and bottom R; an information board about The Grantchester Group who met in 'The Orchard' tea rooms next door to the Old Vicarage. We stopped there on our walk for  a cup of tea which was served outside.

I went to spend the day with my son on Saturday and wore this. Everything charity shopped. Top by Mango bought in my Barnardo's last Monday. Jeans by Gerry Weber charity shopped in Donegal and boots by River Island; my Barnardo's. It will be a while before I'm able to spend the day with him again; it makes me very sad. Eldest grandson has set up a family What'sApp group so we can all keep in touch and post some of the hilarious videos  and jokes that keep appearing about the Covid-19 crisis Thank God, human beings have a sense of humour!

Scarf and all jewellery charity shopped.

I found out on Saturday via email that both my charity shop and the food bank would continue to open. On Sunday, my daughter and I walked to the Danish Camp in Willington along the river and back. It was a really lovely day once the cold wind died down and we walked 10 miles altogether. I love walking but I will miss my swimming...

Jacket Challenge - Day 1

On Monday, I went to Barnardo's as usual. The manager said she thought we would be told to close and at 11.15 the call came through. Closed until further notice. We had just put out boxes of paperback books and games at really cheap prices, too. I was so sad to go and who knows when I will next be there?

Skirt by New Look; birthday present from OH; jacket 1.00 rail my Barnardo's; top  1.00 rail charity shop in Melton Mowbray.

Boots by Primarni; and all jewellery charity shopped.
This skirt is no more. OH was chopping wood in the garden; the skirt was on the line; a gust of wind blew the skirt in the trajectory of the axe and before OH knew what was happening it had a huge slash in it. Almost the whole length of the skirt and it is beyond repair. Damnation!

I did buy a few things at Barnardo's before I left. It might be a very long time before I can go rummaging again! I bought a raincoat and three pairs of trousers for the summer; a summer top by Marimekko; a scarf and two necklaces. Panic buying! It felt weird to be at home on a Monday so early. and no school run..

Jacket Challenge - Day 2

This was what I wore to the Food Bank on Tuesday. There were only three of us in (this was a deliberate strategy) so we were able to practise social distancing. It was a very busy morning and members of the public kept coming to the doors with bags of food donations. Thank you!

Everything charity shopped except boots; present from daughter. Trousers by Zara; 3:16 charity shop; top by M&S; 1.00 rail my Barnardo's; jacket by Honor Millburn, bought somewhere but can't remember where.

All jewellery charity shopped.

I got an official letter from the Food Bank legitimising my right to be 'out and about' in pursuit of assisting the vulnerable members of our society.  The news today was that people can be issued with a 30.00 fine for not following the government guidelines on staying in and social distancing. In the afternoon I went out for a 6 mile walk. What a beautiful day it was - warm and sunny with very little breeze.

 I don't fear the lockdown; I have plenty to read, plenty of wool to do projects with; there's a tapestry frame and kit waiting for me and I have a few mending projects I could do. There's also sorting out stuff at home ( drawers/cupboards/collections/clothes), batch cooking (unlikely in my case!); blog reading and writing; podcasts; TV and radio and of course walking! I've also volunteered for a local community support group to assist the vulnerable and those self isolating who live alone. This was organised by our local Labour councillors and there is one at the local council level, too.

Jacket Challenge - Day 3

All jewellery charity shopped

Jacket; and trousers by F&F,  both from the 3:16 charity shop 1.00 rail. The trousers have a tie front which is what was dangling down like a cod piece...I think I'll have to fold it in along the waistband the next time I wear it.

Shoes online retail some years ago.

As it was another lovely day on Wednesday; I spent most of it sorting out the garden. Usually it's OH's domain but it's been neglected lately; and he's still working so I got cracking. I'm much more ruthless than he is when I garden; I cut back a huge and woody lavender bush that he wouldn't cut. I also cut back (pretty savagely) our wisteria. It has had one bloom on it in the seven years we've had it: it was a case of put out or get chopped! I moved the now dead Christmas tree away from its current position and found my poor magnolia behind it trying to bloom. I hope it will be ok now it's got more light. I also re-planted some pansies to a pot at the front and two geraniums that have sat waiting to be potted for 2 weeks now. The garden is looking a lot tidier and hopefully OH will get out there at the weekend, too. I risked a trip to our local B&M store as they have a garden section. They sell foodstuffs so I'm guessing that's why they are allowed to open. I bought some food items and some plants which I potted up when I got back. We have a small, paved, courtyard garden with most things growing in pots; but we also have a buddleia tree, a hibiscus tree/bush,  a grape vine, a honeysuckle, two clematis, the magnolia and a rhododendron bush; all planted in the  narrow perimeter of earth that surrounds the garden on three sides.

On Thursday, I had planned to replant the two front window boxes; one with ranunculus and one with fuchsia but I didn't have enough time! Daughter had to go into work (she's a teacher) so grandson was here. We did a workout with Jo Wicks on youTube at 9am for 30 minutes. Daughter and grandson have been doing this since Monday; the first day of school closures. We then did SPAG (spelling and grammar) work, comprehension and reading which took us up to lunchtime. I went to do the weekly shop and it was a much better experience; no queues; no rationing; well stocked shelves and not too many people. Grandson got on with BBC Bitesize maths whilst I was out.

Everything charity shopped except boots; present from daughter. Trousers by F&F; top by G21 and kimono bought in a Donegal charity shop.

All jewellery charity shopped.

In the afternoon grandson and I went for a walk to our little nature reserve. It lies between the back of houses and the cemetery in Bedford Park. Grandson's task was to find 5 different types of leaves. We stopped at the pond and saw some frogspawn and some tadpoles. There were two Peacock butterflies flying around; it was another lovely warm, sunny day. Grandson found holly, ivy, hawthorn, sycamore and alder leaves.
Left; frogspawn. Top R a water snail and a tadpole. Bottom L; a Peacock butterfly with its wings closed! Grandson took these photos on his phone.

We passed this beautiful blossoming tree on our walk.

At 7pm I had a 'virtual' drink with the family courtesy of eldest grandson via the 'Zoom' app. We all raised a glass and caught up with each other. My two other brothers and son don't do internet stuff so they weren't able to take part. We're going to make it a regular weekly date!

At 8 pm that same evening we did the 'Clap for the NHS' accolade from our doorstep. All the neighbours were out and some had pots and pans which they banged to add to the noise. Charivari, I believe, is the old word for it. They deserve all the praise they get; NHS staff and all other the other workers doing the essential jobs that keep society going. Let's hope they get their just monetary reward (they're all underpaid) when this is all over.

I finally replanted the front window boxes on Friday. The rather leggy geraniums they had previously contained were re-planted into three pots and were cut back quite viciously. They'll either survive and flourish or they'll die. We'll see.

Jacket Challenge - Day 4

Scarf and all jewellery charity shopped. Brooch bought on a recent trip to Stamford.

Vintage home made jacket; charity shopped from the Salvation Army; green dress; can't remember, floral leggings; my Barnardo's as were the boots.

This is me ready to set off for a walk although I changed into my walking boots and socks. Raincoat by John Lewis bought from my Barnardo's.

I went out for a walk on Friday; 5.6 miles just to the village of Biddenham. It was very eerie as there were so few people about. I find the day flies by. By the time I'm up washed, dressed and made up; had my breakfast; tidied up; put a wash on and pottered about; it's almost the afternoon. I'm usually awake around 6.0 - 6.30 am and get up around 8am; in case you think I lie in bed until noon. I wish I could; but I get stiff if I stay in bed too long! And talking of being stiff, my goodness I was stiff after yesterday's workout; I didn't dare try and do another one in case I caused myself serious damage! I might try again at the weekend. I thought a walk would be a good antidote to the stiffness and it was. I had a hairdresser's appointment on Friday but of course all that sort of thing is cancelled. I may have to grow my hair now!

Jacket Challenge - Day 5

Everything charity shopped. Boots and trousers several years old and I can't remember where they came from.

The checked jacket is by BHS and was found on the 1.00 rail at the Salvation Army in Melton Mowbray on our recent trip away for my birthday. The top is by M&S and bought  in the Day Hospice shop in their 1.00 sale.

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

Saturday was a bleak day; very cold and windy. The bursts of sunshine were few and far between. I'd got used to sunshiny days. I ventured as far as Sharnbrook to pick up more coal and kindling supplies and decided to devote the rest of the day to starting a new crochet project. I had been working on a blanket with a pretty simple pattern; it had got to about the size of a cot blanket when I realised that the sides weren't equal.  The blanket was wider at the top than the bottom; a trapezoid shape instead of a square! It was a basic error on my part and as I'm an experienced crocheter I shouldn't have made such a rookie error. Unless I ripped it apart it wasn't possible to correct it so it will go to a charity when all this is over. My new blanket of choice is the 'Neat Waves' pattern (again thanks to Attic24 HERE). I've made this pattern before about 5 years ago for the youngest grandson (see below). I still have a fair bit of blue wool to use up and  an almost full basket of green so the blanket will be a mixture of those colours.

Lazy Waves or Neat Waves blanket for Amari 2015

Jacket Challenge - Day 6

Sunday was the usual housework and cooking Sunday dinner and I finally finished 'The Mirror and the Light'. Goodbye, Thomas.  A brilliant read. Nuff said.

Everything charity shopped except leggings; retail; Joe Brown. M&S boiled wool jacket 1.00 rail; White Stuff dress; my Barnardos. All jewellery and scarf charity shopped except brooch; bought in Donegal Town and is the work of an Irish jewellery maker.

Brown boots charity shopped in my Barnardo's.

Jacket Challenge - Day 7

All jewellery charity shopped.

Monday's outfit. No charity shop to go to. I'm wondering if I'll start to get withdrawal symptoms with no charity shops to rummage in but on the other hand I'll save quite a lot of money!
Everything charity shopped except these old grey boots; online retail. The trousers are by Next and came from The Day Hospice Shop in Kempston; animal print tunic (Scandinavian label)
and jacket; both 1.00 rails finds. The animal print tunic has been re-donated; it was way too itchy!

I went for a 7 mile walk in the afternoon; it was a chilly windy day and it did rain briefly; but as I hadn't walked over the weekend, I needed to get out of the house for a few hours. Not many people about, but an increased police presence; several cars cruised past me; but as I was going like the clappers and wearing walking boots and socks I think it was obvious what I was up to...

Today it was the food bank as usual. Just the three of us again and making up crates like crazy. Apparently at one of the distribution centres the demand for food parcels had increased by 50%.

Everything charity shopped except the boots.  Handmade African print trousers from the 3:16 charity shop bought for 2.50.  I wore thermal tights underneath! Top by M&S and cardigan from 1.00 rail in the RSPCA,Ampthill. Scarf from my Barnardo's.

All jewellery charity shopped.

My bags for the charity shop are filling up. I'm on the second one at the moment and have nowhere to store it so I might have to keep it in my car boot. So far, I haven't had any longings for a rummage and even if I do I'll just have to curb them!  The birds in my garden are busy nesting; lots of twig carrying and their appetites seem voracious. As fast as I top up the feeder they empty them. This afternoon I intend to get on with my crochet; start another new book and generally potter around. I may even get out for a walk.

Stay sane and safe my friends and I'll see you all in a fortnight!

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Birthday Celebrations and the End of the Skirt Challenge

I had errands to run in town on Wednesday and when I'd finished decided to walk to the Danish Camp along the river. I walked on one side of the river there and on the other side on the way back. It was a bleak, grey day and it rained on the way back; but I just put my hood up. I'd walked 8 miles by the time I got in!

Everything charity shopped. Boden cords and Oasis jumper from the 1.00 rail in my Barnardo's. The Nomads dress/tunic was also charity shopped but can't remember where. Grey boots online retail; they're getting very shabby so I'll be getting rid of them.

All jewellery charity shopped. I bought the necklace in a Co. Derry charity shop for 3 euros.

Thursday was busy. I went to Sharnbrook to pick up more coal, did the food shopping and put it away. I went swimming as I wanted to walk with the group on Friday. I went swimming about an hour later than I usually do and on a different day and had the middle lande completely to myself! It was wonderful. I may do this from now on as I don't have to do the school run on Thursday and once I've done the shopping the day is mine...I hope it wasn't a fluke!

Skirt Challenge - Day 10

I wanted to wear my Zara jacket (1.00 sale bargain - my Barnardo's) but Thursday was a cold, raw day and it just wasn't warm enough! Everything charity shopped except the jumper and boots; presents from my daughter. Skirt by Tu; shirt by M&S 1.00 rail in the 3:16 charity shop. I popped in there on Wednesday and spent a few pounds  in their 1.00 sale.

Tights charity shopped. This skirt doesn't fit well round my waist so it's been relegated to the charity shop bag.

All jewellery charity shopped.

Skirt Challenge - Day 11

More pattern mixing! Everything charity shopped. Skirt by M&S; spotted top by Mandolin; my Barnardo's and striped roll neck by John Lewis 1.00 rail also found in my Barnardo's.

Tights and all jewellery also charity shopped.

Boots - present from daughter.

I wore this outfit on Friday after I got back from our bus walk. We walked from Shefford to Clifton, onto Southill and back to Shefford. It was a really lovely day with bright sunshine and bright blue skies. The walk was just over 7 miles but as I had to walk to my car I did just under 8. There was an Age UK in Shefford and of course I had a look. I bought some Clark's summer shoes for 4.99; some striped summer trousers for 3.99 and a lovely book about car boot collectibles for 1.50.

Two beautifully coordinated walking companions; Jan and Lesley; who's in her 80s!  And some views over the Bedfordshire countryside.

On Saturday we did the housework as we were having everyone over for dinner on Sunday. I made several trips to town including one for wool. My Cup Cake blanket is not the stash busting project I'd hoped it would be! I just didn't have enough blue wool left to make a reasonable sized blanket. I had to  buy 5 more balls of wool in order to be able to complete it. I managed to get quite a bit of crocheting done on Saturday. I want to have it finished by the time we go to Ireland as I like to have a project to do while I'm there. I know what the next project will be; a Lazy Waves pattern in greens. I may have to find a couple more balls of green, too!

Everything charity shopped. Jeans by Zara 3.00; my Barnardo's; top by Next; can't remember. Jacket by M&S; 1.00 rail somewhere. Blue boots online retail.

All jewellery charity shopped except brooch; bought in Donegal gift shop. Headscarf was a present.

I went for a 6 mile walk on Sunday morning.

Skirt Challenge - Day 12

Everything charity shopped. I bought the Oasis top for 1.00 in my Barnardo's but cannot remember where anything else came from. The jacket is an old Next one.

All jewellery charity shopped except earrings; Beale sale - it's closing down...

That's the skirt challenge completed - thank goodness! At least I've worn them all and I did get rid of 9 out of the original 20, if you remember, although I've already replaced 1 of those with a 1.00 rail bargain from the 3:16 charity shop last week...

In the afternoon my brothers, Marian and Katherine, daughter and partner and grandsons came for dinner. OH made curry goat and curry chicken, daughter made cocktails - I had loads, and we played Charades and Articulate after dinner. I think I can say that everyone had a really great time! Although my birthday wasn't until the Monday I was allowed my birthday cake early:

I have to confess that I felt a bit yuck on the morning of my birthday. Too many cocktails, I think. I went to the charity shop as usual but finished a bit early as my daughter was taking me out for afternoon tea to a hotel in Stevenage.  I took some cakes in  to Barnardo's and was given a beautiful bunch of tulips by my manager and deputy manager; how sweet of them. The afternoon tea was lovely; and we had planned to go for a rummage to nearby Letchworth after but it was such a nasty, cold wet day we both wanted to go home instead.  So we did! I was given some wonderful birthday gifts. Quite a lot of money; a lavender candle and chocolates from youngest grandson;  eledest and middle grandsons gave me Amazon vouchers and an orchid; my son sent me flowers and chocolates and gave me money; my daughter gave me two books including the new Hilary Mantel book (yay!) and some new wrist straps for my Fitbit; my brothers gave me money; OH bought me a maxi skirt and is taking me away next weekend. My cousin gave me special tea bags; a beautiful cup and saucer and her daughter found, bid for, and won a Mary Quant headscarf for me! How lucky am I?

Shirt; 1.00 rail 3:16 charity shop; denim dress; retail (present). Boots online retail. You can't see the colour properly in these photos but the shirt is a beautiful blue colour.


All jewellery charity shopped except earrings; Sainsbury's - old.

Birthday flowers from colleagues at Barnardo's.

Birthday bouquet and jug from my son.

I went to the food bank on Tuesday and after I'd finished I decided to recce the walk I'll be leading for my Ramblers group next Wednesday. I had a really busy week ahead what with being taken away for the weekend so this was the best chance I had. The weather was very weird on Tuesday. It was very warm; 16 degrees but very, very windy! I walked 8 miles and although it was muddy in places it wasn't as bad as I had expected.

I wore this on Tuesday. Everything charity shopped. Trousers from my Barnardo's; picked up on Monday for 3.00; tunic; can't remember. Jacket; 1.00 rail from Bedford Hospice shop. Blue boots from the Red Cross Shop.

All jewellery charity shopped.

I decided not to walk with my group on Wednesday as I had too much to do. I walked with my daughter and did 6 miles; another windy day but not too cold and it was dry at least. I wore this:

Kimono; my Barnardo's; shirt by Dunnes store charity shopped in Ireland; Next boyfriend fit jeans; my Barnardo's. Red boots online retail.

All jewellery charity shopped.

In the afternoon I went to Aldi for some bits and picked up more kindling. Then I went to Kempston to my doctors to collect a repeat prescription and took it to the chemist. I visited the Cat's Protection League whilst waiting for the prescription to be made up. I bought a blue floral crossbody bag and some smellies. Then it was back to Bedford to get my  eyebrows done and to run a few errands to a range of places including buying a birthday card for eldest grandson who is 25 on Sunday. In the evening I met up with my other best friend of 32 years, Ann, and we had a meal out and a catch up. We chose the wrong evening as Liverpool were playing and the pub was full of extremely noisy Liverpool fans! It was good to catch up and we both said we should do it more often but life gets in the way...

On Thursday morning I received a letter from my doctor's practice telling me they were closing. I've been with this practice for 39 years but it is closing down and we have all been reallocated to another practice. Luckily, the new practice is within walking distance for me whereas the old practice was a drive away.

On Friday OH and I set out for Stamford in Lincolnshire to spend the weekend as part of my birthday celebrations. We stayed at 'The Crown' in All Saints Place which was a wonderful place to stay. We had been to Stamford a couple of times before but had never stayed overnight.  Stamford is a town which has 17th and 18th-century stone buildings, older timber-framed buildings and five medieval parish churches. Stamford is a frequent filming location; including the 2004 version of 'Pride and Prejudice'; 'Middlemarch' and 'The Da Vinci Code'. In the age of the railway the Earl of Burleigh wouldn't allow the railway into Stamford so it was moved to Peterborough instead. That may be why the buildings in the town have remained so well preserved and it is one of the towns in the UK with the highest densities of listed buildings. We did a fair amount of rummaging and sightseeing taking in Oakham in Rutland the UK's smallest county; and Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire as well.

In the hotel room. Everything charity shopped except the boots.

All jewellery charity shopped.

Buildings in Stamford. The two top and bottom left were all in the street where the hotel was. The houses by the river are the backs of alms houses.
Views from Stamford; All Saints Brewery. The plaque was outside one of the buildings in the top right photo.

Another house and famous historical person on All Saint's Place.

Top left church in Melton Mowbray; top right church in Oakham; bottom left All Saints Church, Stamford and bottom right Browne's Hospital, Stamford.

Views from Oakham. Top left; a Norman Hall; thatched house top right and bottom left; bottom right OH outside the  Wheatsheaf pub!
Melton Mowbray luminaries and a frieze celebrating Melton Mowbray including the famous pork pie.

Charity shopped tops by Phase Eight and QED; skirt present from OH; by New Look. Boots online retail.

Scarf and jewellery charity shopped.

The rummaging was quite successful; I had birthday money to spend! I bought earrings and a ring for 5.00 each in Oxfam in Stamford. I bought 3 maxi skirts; one a summer one for 4.00; and the other two were 1.00 rail buys. I also bought a cotton navy jacket to replace my current one as the sleeves are too long, also from the 1.00 rail; a BHS checked jacket from 1.00 rail and a short sleeved cardigan, too. I bought some long red beads and 4 books so I did very well and was very pleased with my buys. It was a lovely relaxing weekend and I was almost sorry to return home on a wet and windy Sunday.

Everything charity shopped. Maxi skirt by M&S; top by Matalan; cardi by Fenn, Wright and Manson. Boots as above.

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

This cardi is no more. It caught fire when I stretched up to the cupboard over the hob and I had to dunk it in the sink. No burns ensued but I did drop a baking tray full of hot oil on my (bare) foot earlier in the week! The superficial burn is healing and is at the itchy stage now...
I've finally had to acknowledge that it is most unlikely that we'll get to Ireland at Easter now; thanks to Covid 19. I worry about the mould that invades the caravan over the winter months; but just have to hope it doesn't worsen as we won't be there to clean it all away. Still, as long as we all stay as fit and well as we can that's the most important thing. I listen to the information about the virus and  will act on advice given by the government. My brother in London has friends who've had the virus and recovered. My grandson and his girlfriend both work in the hospitality sector and I don't know what they'll do for money if their places of work have to close.

I ventured into Sainsbury's on Tuesday as I took middle grandson's mum shopping. I wish I hadn't; the shelves were mostly empty. It was a shocking sight and it's so unnecessary. It's people being greedy and selfish; mostly. There's enough for everyone. I expect we'll see a type of rationing introduced and I for one think that's probably a good thing. I shall do my shopping as usual on Thursday and if they haven't got what I want I'll just have to go without it or improvise!  In Ireland my cousin told me that people are buying up deep freezes (her husband works for an electrical retail store) which they proceed to fill up...

This was Tuesday's outfit for the foodbank. We  spent the time making up hygiene bags for food bank users. It is unlikely the food bank will continue as the distribution centres are being closed - all part of trying to suppress Covid-19. I am happy to continue in the warehouse and have said so but the decision lies with the food bank organisers  and the local council as to what will happen in the near future.
 The Ramblers suspended all walking  and walking related activities today but I shall continue to walk on my own as per usual.

Everything charity shopped except the boots and jacket; jacket present from my daughter and the boots were donated by her.

Leggings by Joseph; my Barnardo's; tunic from the 1.00 rail and roll neck top, too.

All jewellery charity shopped.

We've entered a different world my friends. Let's hope we can survive it. I have a feeling that the blogosphere and blogging friends will become even more important to us.

Stay safe and keep your spirits up!

Weird weather...

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