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Stormy weather and a skirt challenge.

I was at the foodbank on Tuesday as usual. This is what I wore - plus gloves! This is the H&M dress I bought as the original one was too large; it was, of course, charity shopped.  Navy short sleeved cardigan also charity shopped somewhere; I've had it for ages. Leggings; Joe Brown retail and boots online retail. I spotted my first 'wild' crocus on my walk on Wednesday morning. I walked 6 miles; saw the curly haired pigs again and heard my first skylark of 2020! In fact the hedgerows were alive with the sound of birds; twittering, cheeping, chattering, chirping and of course, singing. I love it. A wild crocus. People's gardens are full of them and snow drops but I like spotting them in the wild. There's a snowdrop walk next week with my group and I planned to go. I volunteered on Wednesday afternoon as it was stocktaking; and wore this. This is a closer look at my jewellery - all charity shopped. I bought the turquoise and silver

Maxi challenge completed...and a cat picture!

No, I haven't got a cat but read on to see why I have a cat photo... I wore this navy blue pleated maxi skirt outfit when I last went out for the day with Cousin Marian to see the Mary Quant exhibition (in December) so I'm including it in this maxi challenge. When I bought it in a charity shop somewhere I thought it was black but it's a very dark navy blue... Maxi Challenge - Day 8 Maxi Challenge - Day 9 Everything charity shopped except the boots; online retail. Skirt; Phase Eight; top by Mint Velvet. All jewellery charity shopped. I went to the hairdressers before I met up with Marian and this was what I wore last Thursday to go and look at the Wallace Collection; which neither of us had ever seen before. We had a lovely day and it included tea and cake, of course! We're planning our next outing already... The Wallace Collection is an art collection in London open to the public, housed at Hertford House in Manchester Square, the former town