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Last post before Ireland!

This will be my last post for a while as I'm taking a blogging break whilst I'm on holiday in Ireland. Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that I spend quite a lot of the summer in Ireland at my mobile home in Donegal. There is virtually no internet access and I have to rely on free wifi in cafes and pubs and restaurants; which of course makes blogging difficult. I do my best to keep following your blogs and try to comment where I can but actually writing a post is pretty difficult so I take a break. This was Monday's outfit worn to the charity shop to volunteer. The top is from Bedford market; a 1.00 bargain bought  a few weeks back. Trousers from Monsoon; bought from the 3:16 charity shop. The Mary Jane shoes from Clarke's  were also charity shopped but I can't remember where. I've just realised that I have broken my #slowfashion pledge by buying the 1.00 bargains in the market. I was fooled by the cheap price;  forgett

A vintage dress and lots of flowers

Well, here I am with Hilary in sunny Teignmouth in Devon! The trousers were bought from my Barnardo's for 2.00; the yellow linen top from the same place for 3.99. Shoes from a local shoe retailer; P.J. shoes. Bag, scarf and all jewellery charity shopped.  After a horrible stop/start journey to Devon on Friday, due to a combination of roadworks and Glastonbury traffic; I arrived on a very hot afternoon. We spent the afternoon and evening catching up and went out to get something to eat. The decision to go to Teignmouth on Saturday (about an hour's drive from Hilary's) was made as I hadn't been before and they had a reasonable amount of charity shops. It was a really nice seaside town and despite the heat -  26 degrees; there was a lovely breeze. OH told me the temperature in Bedford on Saturday was 36 degrees! Some Teignmouth views Top left; beachfront at Teignmouth, just look at that cliff! A hotel in the town; top right. Some lucky person had this lovely