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Yet another birthday weekend!

Hello again and I hope all of you in Blog land are well.  On Bank Holiday Monday OH and I ventured out to a car boot sale; getting there as everyone was packing up! There were ominous looking rain clouds in the sky so I didn't blame the sellers. We should have got there earlier... Back to the food bank on Tuesday. Everything charity shopped. Jeans; Gerry Weber, 4 euros in a Donegal charity shop ; Jacket 1 euro; Dublin charity shop. Top; can't remember. Boots by Matalan; retail. All jewellery charity shopped. I bought this enamel brooch for 2.00 in the Salvation Army in Bedford on Tuesday afternoon. I did all the High Street charity shops in Bedford; all 5 of them and 2 others that are close to the High Street. Apart from the brooch, I spent 6.00 in the Mercy in Action shop buying a striped cardigan, a striped polo neck by John Lewis and a maxi skirt by Jigsaw all 2.00 each. I stopped by the Sue Ryder shop where they had a trousers sale on and bought two pairs fo

Ireland and after...

Have you had a great bank holiday weekend? Ours was nicely chilled out with nothing too strenuous to do but first to back track to my last post. Hello again! I'm afraid I got my beaches mixed up in my last post. Above is me on Rossnowlagh beach; the last beach outfit photo featured on the other post was me on Coral beach, St.John's Point.  Everything I'm wearing in this photo is charity shopped except the leggings which are from by Tu at Sainsbury's. The orange boiled wool jacket is by Fenn, Wright and Manson: 8.00 from the Day Hospice shop in Kempston; the tunic is from the 1.00 rail in Keech in Great Denham; and I finally found a plain green shirt in the animal charity shop in Donegal on the 1 euro rail. All jewellery charity shopped. Headscarf present from a friend. And talking of Donegal do you recognise this woman with Ben Fogle?  I was in the SVP charity shop (St. Vincent De Paul) in Donegal and a woman was standing next to me at the c