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Our Indian Summer..and no more shine!

All jewellery charity shopped. Red earrings picked up in the Salvation Army for 1.00 on a recent visit. I still can't believe our wonderful Indian Summer!  As I write this it's the end of the second week in October and we've been having sunny, warm days with temperatures between 20 - 23 degrees. I just don't remember this happening before but I'm sure the experts would disagree with me. At the food bank on Tuesday I was so pleased to see the Harvest donations are once again refilling our depleted shelves. People are so generous. Thank you!  I wore this: Everything charity shopped except red boots - online retail. I bought this jacket/cardigan in the Cat's Protection League when I went for a rummage there a few weeks back. It was 3.99. The trousers are by Laura Ashley and the white top is by La Redoute. I can't remember which charity shops I bought them from but both are from a couple of years  ago. It was a beaut

Choosing outfits and other things...

Hello my lovely bloggy friends! Transitional dressing; (old photo)  light weight dress with cardigan and leggings underneath with ankle boots. Everything charity shopped including jewellery/ Most of these are reservations from the library so I've been on a reading mission to get through them all.  Two are non fiction and the rest are novels. You can only have reservations out for 3 weeks...since first writing this I've read 6 and picked up two more reservations... . Well, to continue from where I left off in my last post; I did get all my winter coats and jackets out the Monday before last. In the afternoon I went to Newport Pagnell for a rummage and picked up two books and a waistcoat by Country Casuals for 50p. The last of the big spenders that's me! On  Tuesday, I had to wait in for somebody in the morning and couldn't go to the food bank; so I decided to do the rest of the actual swap over of summer to autumn/winter wear. I don't swap everything