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Home again, home again jiggity jig....

Hello again! I went back to the food bank last Tuesday after an eight week break and wore this... All jewellery charity shopped. Everything charity shopped. Denim jacket by Dorothy Perkins. Navy linen trousers, M&S, charity shopped; top bought for 3 euros in Co. Donegal charity shop. Yellow shoes  bought last summer in charity shop in Donegal for 3.00 euros. It was good to be back at the Food Bank. Supplies are getting quite low so we're hoping Harvest Festival brings in a big clutch of donations... Last Wednesday started out as cool and drizzly so I didn't fancy walking with the group. It had rained in the night and I didn't want to be sliding around in mud. I'm a wuss, I know, but the forecast was better for Thursday so I decided to walk on my own on Thursday. Instead I went for a good old rummage to Great Denham and Kempston.  My daughter asked me to see if I could get her some bowls. I didn't see any. I bought a Gudr

Ireland Part 2...

All jewellery charity shopped. Blue earrings bought in Co. Sligo charity shop for 99 cents Hello again. Thank you for the lovely welcome back comments; I really appreciated them. It's such a fabulous supportive community blogland. Mostly, anyway.... I can't say it hasn't been strange since I came back. I did very little for nearly eight weeks and now I'm back to rushing around but first let me tell you a little more about my time in Ireland. I wasn't aware OH had taken this photo outside the church at the funeral of my cousin.  Here I'm checking with my cousin Gillian who is reading which bit at the service. Behind me is cousin Irma and of course, cousin Doirin in black and white. Everything I'm wearing is charity shopped and the kimono is the first one I ever bought. I'm wearing a black shirt underneath it which I bought in a charity shop in Donegal for 2 euros and the black and white trousers are 1 of 8 pairs that I had. I left this pa