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Pheww - what a scorcher!

Sorry about the title. I believe itwas a 'Sun' (British tabloid newspaper) headline some years ago. Knowing the 'Sun', the headline was probably repeated on Page 3 over a photo of a bare breasted woman in a scanty pair of knickers. I don't read the 'Sun', never have and never will. The weather has been absolutely glorious. Beautiful cloudless blue skies. Hot sunshine all day. It hasn't been humid and so far I have coped even to the extent that I've been out walking in it. Unfortunately, I have been having problems with my knee.  It hurt particularly going up and down the stairs and I couldn't kneel or squat down without considerable pain. I went to the minor injuries clinic (it's quicker than waiting for a GP's appointment) and I had strained the medial collateral ligament and had inflammation of the meniscus - so there! A combination of age and over doing the walking.  Anti-inflammatory medication, elevation, ice packs and movement