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Summer outfits and summer walking

Badly in need of a haircut here...and it's a wonder I don't have square eyes as I've managed to watch four series of Downton Abbey and the finale since my last post! It's all over now. Hello and I hope all is well in your world. What have I been up to since my last post? I've been meaning to show you this for ages. I pass this on one of my walks. Angry birds as a bird scarer, it rotates constantly. I tried to get the video link to work but I couldn't. Blogger kept downloading an empty blue screen. It's a shame because I've also noticed that I no longer get Google notifications of comments on my blog - anyone else noticed that? I am also getting fewer comments; maybe people who follow me aren't getting notifications when I post. Let me know if you have noticed any changes, please. Bloody technology! I led a walk for the Ramblers on Wednesday; there were 37 of us! Everyone found the bird scarer pretty funny. I've been doing a fair am

Birthdays and holidays

Gabbing as usual! Did I tell you that at our Ramblers Christmas Lunch all the tables had a title. Our table - full of women - was called 'The Chatterboxes'! It was OH's birthday on Saturday 19th and we went for a rummage in Baldock and Royston in Hertfordshire.  Both are small market towns. I'd been before but OH hadn't. It was a glorious day.  Everything charity shopped. The M & Co. tunic is a recent 1.00 rail purchase from the 3:18 charity shop. Next shirt.  I bought these beads a few months back but the first time I tried to wear them the chain at the back broke. I crocheted a replacement in some purple wool and so far it's still holding the beads together! All jewellery charity shopped. Things are blooming in the garden! I tried to hold back on clothes purchases; too many clothes already blah blah, but I just can't resist a reduced or 1.00 rail. I bought two tops on the reduced rail in Barnardo's in Royston (6 charit