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Catching Up and My Black and White Challenge

Necklace bought on Saturday rummage with Hilary at the 3:16 charity shop, 1.50. All jewellery is charity shopped. My best friend Hilary came to stay with me at Bank Holiday weekend. And because it was a bank holiday she stayed an extra day which was wonderful. We spent Friday afternoon catching up. On Saturday we went for a rummage to Rushden and Kempston. Hilary loved the Sally Army shop in Rushden and declared it to be one of the best charity shops she had ever been to. I know Kelly of  'Mother of Reinvention' here  would agree! I bought some necklaces and a pair of thick winter walking socks. An odd combination I grant you. In Kempston I bought a t shirt  (see below) and a pair of sandals. My charity shopping mojo had been revived! On Sunday we went for a walk in the village of Sharnbrook; here we had walked up a little lane to see what was there and I took the opportunity to take a photo. I also took Hilary on my 'Bedford Blue Plaque Walk' on Monday. She ha

Mostly Monochrome

A photo from earlier this year. First of all I would like to thank you for  your words of encouragement and support. Thank you all! The title of this post reflected my mood when I got back from Ireland. Mostly it was down to coming home to an unfinished kitchen, no heating or hot water. I had naively thought the kitchen would be finished, but with hindsight that seems positively stupid now. After all it was done by a family member on his own!   Then after I had been back a few days, we had five gloriously sunny and hot days during which I swapped my winter wardrobe over to my summer wardrobe. Big mistake! I was quite depressed horrified shocked at the huge amount of clothes I had.  I had to store several black bin liners full of clothes in the loft. Now, I know winter wear is bulkier and takes up more room but nevertheless it was too much. I sorted out three bags of clothing to take to the charity shop. Of course, having done all this the weather then reverted to winter