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It's getting warmer chez Vronni...

Hello again! The rather odd title will have more meaning when you read on but meantime I've been on a Dorothy Whipple reading binge; recently reading three of her novels in a row. I enjoyed them so much I wanted to read more. With the exception of a book of short stories I've read all of DW's books now and I have a big sense of loss. If you're not familiar with DW she was a popular author earlier in the 20th century who sank into obscurity until rescued and republished by Persephone Books in the early twenty-first century. Her books are quiet, understated stories about people; their lives, loves and mistakes and always beautifully written. Highly recommended.  I went out for a 6 mile walk last Friday morning; did some food shopping and picked up the grandchildren from school. Another grey day so I tried to brighten things up with some colour. Everything is charity shopped except the shoes from Primarni 5.00 on sale and the shirt from Tu at Sainsbury's

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year, everyone! I know the New Year is eleven days old already and I'm a bit late... All jewellery charity shopped. I didn't mention in my previous post the lovely Christmas presents I received this year.  Three Persephone books from my wish list and 3 CDs (I know, I'm so last century, but I like to be able to have my music in solid form not in cyberspace or in/on a computer chip!) Three types of perfume; two, some of my all time favourites and one that's new to me. I went from having no slippers to two new pairs; both of which are greatly appreciated. A new bra and pants set. Some earrings; a pearl necklace with matching large pearl earrings. A map holder and an ear warmer; both for when I'm out walking.  A paperweight and a fabulous bookmark. A bracelet. A gift voucher. Some thick woollen tights. Some Ferrerro Rocher and the biggest bar of chocolate I've ever seen...thank you so much! On Friday before New Year's Day OH and I went to C