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A tah dah moment!

 Hello! No, I'm not the tah dah moment This is:  Yes, here it is finally completed - the famous trapezoid hexagon blanket! Thanks to the Make&Do Crew for the pattern Eldest grandson has requested a blanket too, but one 'without any holes', so now I've started his. It's called 'Circles in a Square' in black, red, yellow, grey and orange. The pattern is from 'Just Be Crafty.' I've started with the black and red and I'm 'blocking' them as I go. I use a cheap kneeling/gardening pad and barbecue skewers to block the squares. Blocking keeps the shape of the squares even. Some OOTDs I've been wearing over the past fortnight The necklace and earrings are not a set - bought in different places at different times. Everything charity shopped except the boots from Sainsbury's Something's tickled my fancy here! Dress; Forever 21, charity shopped about 5 years ago can't remember w

A blanket saga, more animals and some snow

Hello again! As you know I've been making a hexagon crocheted blanket. I crocheted 100 hexagons and then sewed them together in rows of 10. And therein lies my mistake. I should know better - this is the third hexagon blanket I've made. When I  finished sewing the hexagons together I laid the blanket out on my bed and it was the most peculiar shape. Not squarish but trapezoid; I couldn't work it out at all. Then after a while I realised that I should have staggered each row as I sewed the rows together.  Not sew them in a straight line...never mind, I said to my self, I can unpick 5 from the top on alternate rows and add them to different alternate rows on the bottom. It took me hours and I do mean hours to unpick 5  hexagons and put them at the bottom and it still wasn't right.  I had had enough of the hexagon blanket by then so I sewed a simple border in yellow and started sewing all the hundreds of ends in. OH has claimed the blanket for his car and I am fur

Some crafting, reorganisation and other bits and bobs

Hello everyone. I hope you are keeping warm in this freezing cold weather! I had my hair cut last Monday. I did the school run and took the youngest grandson to football training after school. I also managed to get to Lidl's and Tesco and out for a 6 mile walk... This was last Tuesday's outfit. M&S sweater dress; Red Cross shop - 1.99. Velvet loafers from Primarrni; 5.00 in the sale. The scarf is from Zara and was a 60th birthday present from my brother Julian. Bangles charity shopped; the brooch is silver and I bought it from the 3:16 charity shop last week for 5.00. It has a raised pattern of flowers on it, but it's quite old and the pattern is wearing away. I like that. The earrings are from Sainsbury's and the ring, below, is one of the 50p bargains from the Salvation Army shop in Rushden. I had a major sort out last Tuesday afternoon of my accessories. I have so many bangles that the 3 miniature cardboard suitcases where I keep them bec