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Hello! As I'd been away and was playing catch up when I got back; I completely forgot when I last posted that the two year anniversary of my first blog - 3rd November 2015 - had been and gone! That flew by... The first Monday in two years without a stint in a charity shop. What did I do instead? I went back to bed to finish off my book! Got up when it was finished, got ready, popped into to town to do some errands and picked up the grandchildren from school. It made a change not being on my feet all day.. Everything charity shopped. Cardigan, (Laura Ashley); scarf and boots all from the Red Cross. Navy blue velvet cords M&S bought in Sandy Wood Green Animal Shelter charity shop last Wednesday after my group walk.  I bought the top in Sense in Kettering on Saturday's rummage for 2. 99. All jewellery is charity shopped. My earrings seem to have disappeared in this picture! On Tuesday I volunteered at the Guildhouse. We had a meeting and I was able

It's all Greek to me!

Hello again! It seems a very long time since I've posted but it's just one day late. Middle grandson and I had a very pleasant stay in  Kontokali, Corfu. Corfu Old Town - a UNESCO World Heritage site. Image courtesy of We stayed here at the Hotel Telesilla in Kontokali a ten minute bus ride from Corfu town. Spotlessly clean; lovely staff and fabulous breakfasts. Highly recommended.  Here I am in not so sunny, but nicely warm, Corfu Old Town on our second day (Monday). Everything I'm wearing is charity shopped except shoes which are retail.  We wanted to go to the water park, Aqualand - Grandson's top priority, but unfortunately it had closed for season on 8th October, so we took the bus into Corfu town and explored... I was very taken with this lovely door way in the Old Town. It was home to a dental surgery. The architecture in Corfu town is very interesting. A mixture of Venetian, French and English neo-