Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Some rummaging, Star Wars and a trip to the seaside

The forget-me-nots (above) were clustered in the corner of a field and are for the victims of the bomb in Manchester.

It was horrifying to wake up last Tuesday morning and hear the dreadful news about the suicide bombing at a pop concert in Manchester. What a truly wicked thing to do. It does nothing to improve the perceptions of Muslims here and elsewhere; as they have now become the new persecuted minority; based on the acts of individuals who carry out these horrible deeds. No one who carries out this type of act is a true Muslim.

My heart goes out to all the children, adults and their families who were killed or injured in this dreadful attack.

Well, what a wonderful week of weather we've had!

Last Tuesday I was at the food bank and was glad of its coolness, for once, as it was quite a muggy day. When I finished there I went for a walk and walked 6.8 miles. It was my first walk for over a week and I had missed it. 

It was a beautiful afternoon. The mugginess had gone; the sun shone; the birds sang and the bees and insects hummed. I remembered to put Factor 50 sunscreen on my face in the morning before I put my make up on and I did it everyday whilst we had such lovely sunny weather. The back of my neck, upper chest, hands and feet get very brown in the summer as they are always exposed; I have to remember to apply sunscreen to these areas and to wear a hat!

Everything is charity shopped except the Mary Jane shoes bought from PJ Shoes; a local shoe retail shop; about 3 years ago. The trousers are from George at Asda and the blue top was bought from a £1.00 rail somewhere...

All jewellery charity shopped.

On Wednesday I invigilated in the morning and ran some errands in town after I had finished. But first I paid a visit to Barnardo's in Great Denham where I hadn't been for a few weeks. I bought a few things from the 99p rail - it would have been rude not to!

 What did I buy? I bought some brand new, never worn metallic gold slip on shoes; a plaid night shirt (for winter); a grey shrug/cardigan and a beautiful pale lime green, boiled/felted wool jacket (again for  winter). When I finally went into town I bought some lovely silver earrings in the Reuse shop for 2.00. I managed to walk almost 3 miles in the course of my errand running!

I spent the rest of the afternoon crocheting and sitting out in the garden enjoying the brilliant weather. I was determined to finish the blanket last week and spend the next week sewing the ends in (aaagggghhhh - such a horrible job!) and making a border for it. I'll save my next crochet project for Ireland as I'm going to be away for two months...I'm planning to make a V stitch blanket and use up my stash of blue and green wool in making it.

I made this one a few years ago and it's on our two seater sofa where it gets quite a lot of use on cold evenings...

Everything is charity shopped except the kimono which was a Christmas present from my daughter three years ago. Trousers are by Tu at Sainsbury's; linen top no label but from 1.00 rail in the Red Cross.

Because it was such a hot day I had to put my sandals on but my toenails needed painting...

All jewellery charity shopped except the earrings - 99p from e bay.

I invigilated again on Thursday morning and in the afternoon. It was another scorching day.

Top by Principles; 1.00 rail at the Red Cross. Linen M & S trousers; £1.00 rail Barnardo's in Ampthill. I bought the vintage blouse/kimono by Kanga in a charity shop in Cambridge last summer for 2.99.

Shoes; PJ shoes. Can you see how puffy my feet are? They swell in the heat and they're worse when I've been on them for hours as I was on Thursday. I also wore my large turquoise ring on Thursday but I took it off to wash my hands and couldn't get it back on again because my fingers had swollen too...

All jewellery charity shopped except watch (present) and earrings; 99p from e bay.

On Friday I ventured out after the school run for a walk. I walked 8.5 miles and sweated like a pig from beginning to end. Boy, was it hot! I also had to do the food shopping after that and the school run. One that was over I finished my latest library book 'All We Shall Know' by Donal Ryan. It's an absolutely beautiful, emotional read and I can't recommend it highly enough. Donal Ryan's writing is poetic and his use of the rhythms and phraseology of Irish speech is wonderful. It made me cry and laugh and I don't think you can ask more of a novel than that.

On Saturday OH and I went for a rummage. We decided to go to Stevenage and because they only had 5 charity shops we went to Hitchin as well. Hitchin is much smaller and has 8 charity shops! Weird.

I wore a hat to shield my face from the sun. I got my face a little burnt when I went walking on Friday despite Factor 50 sunblock. It wasn't so hot on Saturday but it was nice and breezy; so breezy in fact the hat blew away several times and I abandoned  wearing it.

Everything, including the hat, is charity shopped. I can't remember where I bought the dress; the linen jacket is from the Guild House.  I wore these Mary Jane shoes because they are very comfortable with a raised platform and ideal for walking around.

Bangles and ring charity shopped.

Beads charity shopped in Donegal, earrings bought in the week from the Reuse shop and brooch charity shopped.

Of course, I  had to buy stuff. I bought 3 pairs of earrings for a 1.00 in the Garden Hospice shop in Hitchin; another pair with a Celtic design and a deep red pair both a 1.00 each in two different Hospice shops in Stevenage. I bough a pair of Boyfriend jeans for 1.60 and an ethnic print top for 2.00  on a reduced rail in the Salvation Army in Stevenage; a pink floral pair of trousers for 4.00 in the Keech Hospice shop in Hitchin. A good day's rummaging, I thought. OH did very well, too.

We saw a Storm Trooper (from Star Wars) and R2D2: (edited thanks to Sheila!)

They were part of a fund raising event for Age UK.

On BH Monday we went to the seaside at Holkham, Norfolk with the grand kids. It was bloody freezing! We ate our picnic there.  Holkham is also a nature reserve and when we were leaving we saw 2 Spoonbills flying over head; they looked like arrows, long and thin with wings; it was a marvellous sight and it made my day.

Courtesy of Google images
We then drove to Wells Next the Sea; which is about mile and a half away -  a pretty little seaside town where we warmed up in a cafe with hot drinks; wandered about; spent ages in the arcade and finally left as the rain was coming down. Of all the days to pick to go to the seaside we chose the worst one!

Wells Next the Sea

Wells Next the Sea

I've now finished my crochet blanket and done the edging. There's only about 300 tails to sew in so it will take me some time...

My Chromebook (which I inherited from the eldest grandson) is in terminal decline. The screen has a line across it and what looks like a side view of a breast with a silouhette on the right hand side of the screen. I don't know how much longer it will last; the 'breast' is getting bigger and is blocking some of my page content. I'm hoping it will last until I go to Ireland but I may have to buy a new one soon and that will eat into my holiday money. We'll see. Hopefully, I 'll be able to post next week but if I don't you'll know the Chromebook has died!

Monday, 22 May 2017

A yellow jacket and some strange weather

Jewellery charity shopped
I had a busy week last week. I volunteered on Monday as usual and on Tuesday I was at the Guild House. They had had a pamper evening previously and raised a good amount of money; some of which was from goods from the charity shop, but what a mess was left behind...

I left  the Guild House with three items; I had sworn I wasn't going to buy anymore stuff with my holidays not far off, but I can't resist a bargain. I bought a lovely bright yellow jacket (above); a summer dressing gown which I'll take and leave at the caravan and a pair of summer trousers. That's it now; I need to tighten my purse strings...

Wednesday's outfit

All the jewellery is charity shopped except watch; Christmas present, and earrings; present from OH bought on a trip to Oxford.

Everything charity shopped except slip on shoes - Primarni. 

 I was invigilating all day on Wednesday in the large gym of the university where I used to work. Two two hour exams and you have be there 30 minutes before the exam start time to get the room ready. There's a lot walking involved in invigilating; you spend most of the time on your feet. Patrolling  the aisles to make sure there's no funny business going on; fetching more exam scripts for those who write a lot (!), escorting students to the loo. I probably clock up miles but as I have to turn my phone off I'll never know how many... It rained heavily for most of the day and by the afternoon the roof of the gym began to leak - luckily not on any students' heads!

I stayed at the campus for lunch and met a few of my ex colleagues which was nice. I invigilated again on Thursday morning and I'm doing two days next week as well.

Friday's outfit

On Friday I did the school run, went to the hairdressers, and organised a cake for OH's birthday which was also on Friday. We went out in the evening with two of my three brothers (Julian is on tour at the moment) to Corby to a Portuguese restaurant to celebrate. We had a really enjoyable evening.

Everything is charity shopped but I can't remember where...I think the kimono is from the Red Cross; the trousers are from F&F and the white top is by Next; all in their second summer of wear. The weather was wet and dull on Friday all day. Where the heck has the summer gone?

All jewellery charity shopped and the boots are daughter donated. As it got chillier toward the evening on Friday I took these thin cotton trousers off and replaced them with jeans - and socks!

On Saturday I went to see my son. Luckily the weather had improved and the drive there was great but coming back we had torrential rain and hailstones!

Everything is charity shopped; the yellow jacket is from M&S and I got it at the Guild House last Tuesday. Jeans; can't remember and the spotted top was charity shopped last summer, but again I can't remember where...

White lace slip-ons; Primarni. All jewellery charity shopped.

I forgot to say in my last post that I received an email from someone at T.M. Lewin (who are a firm of shirt makers). They had seen that I'd acknowledged wearing their shirt on one of my blog posts and wanted to know if I would add a link to their company. I declined on the grounds this is my personal blog and I'm not giving anyone free advertising! They also mentioned something about wedding dresses; oh dear, they certainly asked the wrong person!

On Monday it was back to  volunteer at the Red Cross. I was so proud of myself - I left with one headscarf priced £1.50.! What a beautiful day it turned out to be. Hot and sunny. The first truly hot sunny day I've experienced this year.

Everything charity shopped except the red shoes - PJ Shoes in Kemspton.

Kimono from New Look and jeans are from Monsoon; both 1.99 at the Red Cross last year. The jeans are a purpley blue and they match the purple flower in the kimono perfectly. The floral top underneath the kimono is from a charity shop in Donegal and cost 50 cents.

All jewellery charity shopped.

I believe the rest of this week is going to be very pleasant so I'm planning to walk every day for the next few days, as I didn't get any walking done last week. I always miss walking when I don't do it for a while.

I know it is definitely summer now because the swifts have arrived; screaming high up in the sky over the street where I live. To me that is the sound of summer.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Before Barnsley and after...

Last Wednesday was such a fabulous day! The sun shone - all day. It was warm. At last a proper May day. I went walking with the Ramblers from Sandy to Blunham; 7.8 miles. In the afternoon I had more errands to run in town.

I bought myself some new Mary Jane's in Kempston. I've been looking in the charity shops but so far no luck. I bought this turquoise pair. Palazzo pants; Jane Norman, charity shopped. Elephant top; charity shopped in Co. Donegal somewhere - can't remember where. Cardigan - Studio catalogue a couple of years ago.

Headscarf; charity shopped. All jewellery charity shopped except earrings which, of course are from Sainsbury's and the watch; Christmas present.

Thursday's outfit. Trousers; Bedford market last year; top; Red Cross 1.00 rail last Monday; cardigan; Christmas present; Mary Janes; charity shopped in Donegal.
I went out for a walk by myself and did 6 miles.

The youngest grandson took the photo above and likes to sit down when doing his photography, so I always appear to be looming in his photos!

All jewellery charity shopped.

On Saturday we set off for Barnsley. It was surprisingly quick to get to; passing Sheffield on the way. Hi Curtise!

Everything is charity shopped except the shoes; Tesco outlet store. David Emmanuel coat, also charity shopped.

Tunic; Donegal charity shop; white jeans; same.

All jewellery charity shopped.

Once we had booked into the hotel we went into town to look round the chazzas. We visited 7 charity shops in Barnsley; I bought two skirts; one by Barbara Hulanicki (of Biba fame) for 1.00 in the Arthritis research shop and a brightly patterned, M&S summer skirt for £1.39 in the  British Heart Foundation charity shop. I also bought two pairs of earrings 1.50;  4 bracelets for 1.00; a green top 1.00 and a pair of green suede winter boots for 1.99 in Age UK. I was very pleased with my haul and liked Barnsley town centre and market very much.

I didn't opt to wear either the green gloves or the new vintage coat to the reunion. The coat is heavy and the hotel was so hot; too hot in fact.  OH and I both woke up in the night because of the heat  even though we left the window open in the hotel bedroom! We're used to a cool bedroom...

I wore this black lace dress which I last wore to my niece's wedding in 2012; charity shopped (forgotten where) and the turquoise coat is by an unknown brand but was nice and light; also charity shopped. The shoes were bought with an M&S Christmas gift voucher years ago and are from the Twiggy range. Handbag bought on a rummage to Royston and Baldock last year.

We didn't think to take a photo together - doh!  But OH did get lots of video footage. He has a new phone and was trying the functions out.

All jewellery charity shopped except earrings and watch - presents from my daughter. The turquoise bracelet and ring were charity shopped from the Hospice shop in Kempston last week.

The reunion  evening went well  although it turns out that this reunion was not what I expected. It wasn't OH's battery reunion but another battery whose numbers have been depleted over the years. OH's full battery reunion is in September in Birmingham.

We set off at 10 am on Sunday morning after a big breakfast and were home 2 hours later!

Everything charity shopped. Tunic; Monsoon, RSPCA shop; snakeskin patterned jeans; Barnardo's. Can't remember which charity shop the orange shoes came from; they're so comfortable, and the headscarf was also charity shopped.

All jewellery charity shopped except the earrings which were donated to me by my daughter. That's my vest strap showing there; I can't quite summon up the nerve to stop wearing an under layer even though the weather is much warmer than it was. I'm obviously getting old...

The irises in my garden are blooming!

On Monday, I was volunteering at the Red Cross; we were frantically busy as two staff members were off and we have a visit from the area manager on Tuesday. Everything had to be up to date and neat and tidy. I hope to be trained to use the till from next week, so that when people are off I can cover the till on a Monday if needed.

This was Monday's outfit. I wore the green top I bought on Saturday in Barnsley for 1.00 and one of the 4 for 1.00 bracelets. It almost matches my necklace but is chunkier.

Everything is charity shopped except the Mary Jane's bought new last week. Jacket M&S; charity shopped in Kettering, M&S skirt; can't remember where I bought it, probably Red Cross!

All jewellery charity shopped.

I've booked the ferry to Ireland and I'm very excited as my best friend Hilary maybe coming with me. More about that soon...have a lovely week everyone.

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