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Some rummaging, Star Wars and a trip to the seaside

The forget-me-nots (above) were clustered in the corner of a field and are for the victims of the bomb in Manchester. It was horrifying to wake up last Tuesday morning and hear the dreadful news about the suicide bombing at a pop concert in Manchester. What a truly wicked thing to do. It does nothing to improve the perceptions of Muslims here and elsewhere; as they have now become the new persecuted minority; based on the acts of individuals who carry out these horrible deeds. No one who carries out this type of act is a true Muslim. My heart goes out to all the children, adults and their families who were killed or injured in this dreadful attack. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, what a wonderful week of weather we've had! Last Tuesday I was at the food bank and was glad of its coolness, for once, as it was quite a muggy day. When I finished there I went for a walk and walked 6.8 miles. It was my first

A yellow jacket and some strange weather

Jewellery charity shopped I had a busy week last week. I volunteered on Monday as usual and on Tuesday I was at the Guild House. They had had a pamper evening previously and raised a good amount of money; some of which was from goods from the charity shop, but what a mess was left behind... I left  the Guild House with three items; I had sworn I wasn't going to buy anymore stuff with my holidays not far off, but I can't resist a bargain. I bought a lovely bright yellow jacket (above); a summer dressing gown which I'll take and leave at the caravan and a pair of summer trousers. That's it now; I need to tighten my purse strings... Wednesday's outfit All the jewellery is charity shopped except watch; Christmas present, and earrings; present from OH bought on a trip to Oxford. Everything charity shopped except slip on shoes - Primarni.   I was invigilating all day on Wednesday in the large gym of the university where I used to work.

Before Barnsley and after...

Last Wednesday was such a fabulous day! The sun shone - all day. It was warm. At last a proper May day. I went walking with the Ramblers from Sandy to Blunham; 7.8 miles. In the afternoon I had more errands to run in town. I bought myself some new Mary Jane's in Kempston. I've been looking in the charity shops but so far no luck. I bought this turquoise pair. Palazzo pants; Jane Norman, charity shopped. Elephant top; charity shopped in Co. Donegal somewhere - can't remember where. Cardigan - Studio catalogue a couple of years ago. Headscarf; charity shopped. All jewellery charity shopped except earrings which, of course are from Sainsbury's and the watch; Christmas present. Thursday's outfit. Trousers; Bedford market last year; top; Red Cross 1.00 rail last Monday; cardigan; Christmas present; Mary Janes; charity shopped in Donegal. I went out for a walk by myself and did 6 miles. The youngest grandson took the photo above and likes to sit