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How my brother found us...Part 2

The Ballad of Kathy Flynn - (2012) - Julian Littman Long ago, young Kathy Flynn took a train to London Town She fell in love with an Indian hero - he turned her heart around With a Vir Chakra into his jacket - how could she resist? He took  her to his hotel room and there they more than kissed He said;"Kathy, will you marry me?" Of course, she answered yes. She dreamed of life in far Madras - an Indian Princess. He telephoned long distance to his father in Madras And told him of his intention to wed the Irish lass The old man flew into a rage and said your future's been arranged Marry her and you'll die without a rupee to your name Without a word he slipped away leaving not a trace behind And left poor Kathy waiting -  out of sight and out of mind. Chorus: I'll sing a lullaby to the Irish girl and the dreams she could not keep I'll sing a lullaby to the Irish girl and sing that girl to sleep. She met a man of magic - th

How I found my brother - Part 1

I said I would tell you about how we found our brother and here it is - true to my word. How my brother found us (Part 2) will follow soon. ======================================================= One Friday evening in February 2013, my OH and I were on our way to Kett ering to meet up with my brothers. We were stopping at the eldest brother's to pick him up and then go on to the the youngest brother's for a drink and a catch up. My mum and eldest brother had moved to Kettering from London in 1999, and my youngest brother moved to Kettering in 2006. My mum died in 2009 and my dad died, aged only 47, in 1980. When we got to the eldest brother's house he told me that someone had come to the door earlier in the day; spoken to him and had left him a card. He said the person - a man - said that he used to work with my mum. This immediately rang alarm bells because I knew my mum had for most of her working life, worked predominantly with women. When I read the car