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A week of dresses....

I meant to post this post yesterday but Blogger was playing up. It kept crashing, not saving my changes etc. I gave up and went to bed in a huff...  2 bunches of Alstromerias this week - cream and lilac - just to cheer you up! I bought the green jug in a charity shop  years ago. Yes, I know it says a week of dresses and I'm wearing trousers but these are the weekend photographs... Saturday's outfit - Everything is charity shopped except the brown boots from Debenhams. Kimono; New Look, top: Monsoon, cords; Primarni. All jewellery charity shopped except the rings. We had a lovely day trawling the Kettering's chazza's on Saturday. Both my younger brothers live in Kettering so we left middle grandson at their house watching a football. match on Sky which we don't have. It was a bitterly cold day.  There were a total of 12 charity shops in Kettering, two of which were furniture and electrical ones. We visited all the other 10! I did go a

A week of skirts...

I had a lovely time with my son last Saturday and a chill out day on Sunday. Bought this necklace a few weeks months ago in a charity shop, of course! Everything is charity shopped except boots bought online last year. Sunday's outfit. Everything above is charity shopped except boots donated by my daughter. She's given me another pair - black suede with gold doo dahs. I must try and wear them soon! The beads are the ones I bought for £1.49 last week.  I didn't go walking on Sunday although it was a beautiful day and just right for walking. I'd had a busy week and I find I don't have the same energy levels that I used to so I decided to potter about at home and I didn't even bother with make up.   I've also decided that I will stick to just volunteering on Monday and Tuesday and walk Weds, Thurs, and Friday mornings and only do weekend walks if I really want to or if the weather is especially good. This means that I ha


Since I published this post the lovely Spy Girl aka Anne Bray here  sent me this surprise sketch! Thank you so much, Anne. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There have been rumours but it was finally confirmed on Monday that our lease at Save the Children will not be renewed in July 2017. The shop will cease to exist as they won't be looking for any other premises. It's a real shame. Save the Children was one of the first charity shops in Bedford. I think it opened in the 1980s; there is a photo in the stock room of the charity's patron; Princess Anne, at the grand opening of the shop and the shop staff were all wearing 1980s style clothes. As our shop is in the town centre, like many other town centre businesses, the charity can't afford to renew the lease. Or to put it another way our shop doesn't generate enough income to make it worth their while renewing the lease. The high cost of town