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Autumn's here....

Sunday's outfit It was officially the start of autumn last Thursday with the Autumn Equinox. You can feel it in the temperature drop  in the evening and of course it's getting dark earlier. I've been wearing a camisole/vest under everything for the past week and on Sunday I put my open shoes/sandals away and got out the loafers and brogues. Not the boots - yet... Trousers from Lidl a few months ago. Brogues from Tesco's sale. Top charity shopped in Northampton earlier this year. Beads and bangles charity shopped. Earrings from Sainsburys. I did manage to make the final walk of the walking festival last Friday and a very good one it was too. We walked about 7.5 miles from the village of Cople via Willington, Blunham and back to Cople. It was a lovely day again; warm and sunny with a nice breeze. On Saturday I went to see my son and forgot, once again to take an OOTD photo. I have really got out of the habit of taking photos and need to

Three brooches and some walking

I'm echoing Miss Magpie ( here ) again this week. She's been buying brooches and so have I! I had a lovely walk at the weekend. I went out on Sunday for the last of the Bedfordshire Walking Festival walks to explore Mowsbury Hill Fort and then on for an 8 mile walk. I rarely get out for organised walks at the weekend because of family commitments so it made a nice change. This was Saturday's outfit.  I bought these green cuffed cotton trousers in Donegal for one euro. I I thought I'd better wear them on Saturday as it looked like the summer was on its way out. It was chilly and wet and I was tempted to put the heating on - but I resisted it. Just as well, Sunday was a lovely day - warm and sunny. That box you can see in the photo above is full of Lego. All three grandsons loved Lego and my middle grandson was completely obsessed with it for years. What's in this box is some of his old collection and now the youngest has got the Lego bug. 

The week of missed walks and some charity shopping

Just a few bargains to show you...below one of the 50p tops I bought last week. I've gone from zero orange items in my wardrobe to six - four tops; one pair of trousers and one skirt. I don't know why I've suddenly started to like orange. Old age is a funny thing. The earrings are, on the right, the brown spotted ones bought last week in Royston and the blue spotted ones I bought on Monday in Save the Children for £1.00. This is a not very good photo of me wearing the blue ones today These pyjamas are not the ones mentioned below but another charity shop find in Donegal for 4 euros. I shall keep them for when I go away somewhere for the weekend and stay in an hotel. They have a matching camisole which is why I call them my posh pyjamas. Can you believe my six year old grandson took the three following photos? Kids today are so technically competent  - or is it just that phone cameras are so easy to use? Or a combination of these two th

How old are my bags? Second try......

I've slipped back into the usual routine as easy as anything. I've been doing the school run, volunteering, walking AND of course charity shopping... I finally bought a pair of red skinny jeans - £1.99 in British Red Cross shop and they are mid waisted so not slouching round my hips. Result. Good things come to those who wait.  The shirt came from the 3:16 charity shop which is selling all their summer clothes at 50% off. This shirt was £1.75. I bought the beads for two euros in a Donegal charity shop.  I think I was checking out a bird flying over even though I might look as if I'm talking to the man upstairs! I got my hair cut - it had been almost 6 weeks since I last had it cut. I usually have it cut every 4 weeks. Of course I've been food shopping and that necessitated a trip to Lidl and Sainsbury's where I bought these lovely earrings for £5.00. I usually wait for the 25 or 20% off offers, but I missed out earlier this

In answer to Gisela's post - 40 make up questions

1. How many times do you wash your face daily? Once. 2. What skin type do you have? Dry 3. What is your current facial wash? Superdrug Vit E  Facial Wash Cream - cleanses and exfoliates. 4. Do you exfoliate? See above. 5. What brand do you use? See above 6. What moisturizer do you use? Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturiser. I bought in the duty free and on special offer on the ferry to Ireland in 2014 and fell in love with it. I buy it on the net or sometimes my local Savers shop has it on special offer. This year I bought two for £22.00 on the ferry again. 7. Do you have freckles? I wish! 8. Do you use eye cream? No, but I do use a face serum near my eyes - does that count? 9.Do you, or did you previously have, acne prone skin? No - but the day I got married I came up in a crop of pimples on my forehead that I’ve never seen the like of since! It must have been an omen of things to come…. 10. Have you ever needed

The Emerald Isle 2016

This is my daughter and I, taken when out walking in Donegal. That's our local lake in the background. My floral top was 50 cents in the local charity shop and I'm wearing my Bedford market earrings. Daughter and two grandsons came out for 6 days. The boys still argued but not as much as in Spain... I managed to read 10 books whilst I was in Ireland. Eight of them were about Ireland or the Irish people; or set in Ireland; or written by an Irish author. I like a bit of themed reading! Last year, quite by chance I picked up a book in the local charity shop in Donegal to read whilst I was there. and it was set in the very area where I was staying and featured the local 'big' house and the family of that same 'big' house. That was a lovely coincidence and it was a very good read. This is my beach collection at the caravan. It's called a caravan but it is actually a static mobile home.  I'm always looking for sea glass when I go to a