Sunday, 29 January 2017

Away for the weekend

If Lidl has these flowers (Alstromerias) in, I always buy them. This double bunch was bought on 22nd December and lasted for four weeks!

Monday's OOTD
This is what I wore at the Red Cross where I volunteer.

All jewellery charity shopped except watch.

Everything charity shopped except boots - bought on line.

Red jeans; Laura Ashley, cardigan by Faithful and True (!); spotted top by Anthology, bought for 49p in Barnardos last week.

The contrast in the amount of goods donated to the Red Cross and Save the Children (my previous charity shop) is huge! At Save the Children we often had to keep old stock out as there wasn't much to replace it with. At the Red Cross, when I got in on Monday, there were at least 8 black bin bags of donation to be sorted and tagged; by the time I left three and a half hours later there were a further six bags donated!

Did I buy anything? Of course! I bought a coral coloured cardigan from Monsoon (it's a colour I don't have) for £1.99;  a tunic for £1.99; a scarf with pearls on it for £1.50 - how could I resist a scarf that has pearls sewn into it? Two fine multi chain necklaces for 50p each and a brooch for 99p. With staff discount it came to just under six pounds!

Tuesday's OOTD

I do like this dress. It's colourful and warm, but it's an example of something not suiting me.The shape of the dress is not right for me. It just hangs from my boobs and is sack like; I look like a box on legs! This dress will be consigned to the charity shop bag. It was £1.99 from the Red Cross bought in winter 2015. Goodbye dress...

Everything is charity shopped except the boots from Sainsbury's and the leggings, also Sainsbury's. The jacket is a 1980s Geiger jacket.

All jewellery charity shopped except watch.

This is a really good example of learning what suits (or in this case) - what doesn't; by seeing a photo of me wearing the garment.

Tuesday was my first proper volunteering day at the Guildhouse. We spent the time sorting out stuff for a forthcoming sale and I even did some ironing! I hate ironing but they don't have a steamer; only a rather spiffy steam iron...

This was Wednesday's outfit. I didn't really go anywhere except to run some errands in town. I didn't even go for a walk; I can't even remember why!

I really like this jacket and keep on wearing it. Everything is charity shopped even the boots.

On Thursday I set off to drive to Devon to visit my friend of fifty odd years. She retired in December and we had a lovely time catching up,  walking, going out for meals and meeting up with her daughter and grandchildren. We also had a marathon charity shopping spree! We visited the charity shops in Tiverton on Friday and on Saturday visited the charity shops in Exmouth. We visited 20 in total!

This was taken outside the almshouses in Tiverton.
The coat was bought in the La Redoute sale a few weeks back. Scarf, jewellery and jeans charity shopped. Boots, Christmas 2016 present from daughter.

The almshouses date from the 14th century. They were built by John Greenway 1460 - 1529.

This chap was over the door of the almshouses.

This charity shop marathon is my last until I get to Ireland in April.
What did I buy? Another coat; vintage I think but no labels at all, £3.00. An animal print shirt M & S; £2.00 (I've been wanting one of these for ages). A blue pinafore type dress £2.25; a red summer skirt £1.00; another scarf, red this time; £1.00. A set of stacking mugs in a container from M&S; £2.50 and lots of jewellery - two pairs of earrings; 4 bangles, two of which are purple and what I've been after for a while; a brooch, a yellow ring and pretty yellow necklace. And finally more padded hangers x 3 and two books!

This was my outfit on Sunday. I got back from Devon on Sunday afternoon and it rained all the way...

Everything charity shopped; except the boots Christmas present 2015.

Wrap green cord trouser; Red Cross £1.00. John Rocha top and M & S shirt. Necklace £1.00;.
 Salvation Army.

That was my week - how was yours?


  1. Love your funky outfits, especially the red pants, that mustard jacket (love the trim on it), and the scarf in your hair. Lovely old buildings too!

    My week has been okay - we were supposed to go away but it was cancelled at the last second, and now I've come down with a cold. One more day off, though, so many naps for me.

  2. Is that a leopard print coat you wore to Devon? I know you'd been looking for one, but my eyes aren't good enough to tell the print.

    I'm glad it went well at the new shop-sounds like there will always be something interesting coming through.

  3. You know how my week's been...not good! Yours was much better, all those chazza bargains! Your red trews are rather snazzy and I LOVE the brooch worn with the blue 80's jacket.

  4. Yes, Goody, it is. It's just typical. I've been looking for a faux fur animal print coat forever then I find one online after Christmas in the sale; at the same time I spy a leopard print coat in the La Redoute sale!!

    C'est la vie...

  5. I'm not surprised you wear that mustard jacket all the time it looks fab on you. I love the spotty top too.

  6. Tiverton looks lovely - those almhouses are so pretty.

    Can't blame you for snapping up a scarf with pearls on it. Sounds like you're finding some great stuff at the new shop. It's funny how some places have better turnover than others; Red Cross seems to be the neglected chazza in my town - the local hospice seems to get the big deliveries. (I wonder if it's because the shop is physically bigger?)

  7. Hi Veronica! Lovely to see you in all your great outfits; you are really good at charity shop selections.
    Just a reminder from me - please would you refer back to my blog and send your name and address to the email I have supplied there so that I can send you some of these Persephone books? Thanks! (Rambler aka Rosie)