Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How old are my bags? Second try......

I've slipped back into the usual routine as easy as anything. I've been doing the school run, volunteering, walking AND of course charity shopping...

I finally bought a pair of red skinny jeans - £1.99 in British Red Cross shop and they are mid waisted so not slouching round my hips. Result. Good things come to those who wait.  The shirt came from the 3:16 charity shop which is selling all their summer clothes at 50% off. This shirt was £1.75. I bought the beads for two euros in a Donegal charity shop. 

I think I was checking out a bird flying over even though I might look as if I'm talking to the man upstairs!

I got my hair cut - it had been almost 6 weeks since I last had it cut. I usually have it cut every 4 weeks.

Of course I've been food shopping and that necessitated a trip to Lidl and Sainsbury's where I bought these lovely earrings for £5.00. I usually wait for the 25 or 20% off offers, but I missed out earlier this year on a pair I had my eyes on - they sold out - so I thought I'd better snap these up!

I also bought this maxi dress in the 3:16 shop for £2.50. I wore it to go and see my son on Saturday, Cardigan charity shopped, sandals Clarks, six years old this year!

My son hates having his photo taken; this is an old one of him when Isaiah was about four or or five and Amari was about a year old .

The beads were bought for two euros in Donegal and the earrings were a treat to myself on my 50th birthday when we stayed in Bath for a weekend. I like to buy a souvenir pair of earrings from different places if I can. These are known as my Bath earrings!

Something I have got out of the habit of is taking photos of my outfits for the blog so I got the selfie stick out  today as I forgot to take a photo of Monday's outfit. It is a favourite at the moment as it's mostly green and yesterday I accessorised it with yellow...oh well at least the weather is staying summery so I might get the chance to wear it again.

I'm wearing a French linen navy dress/tunic bought in 3:16 charity shop summer sale for £2.50. It's a little short for me to wear as a dress so I put it over white jeans (charity shopped) and a white camisole. I don't know why the photos have a sort of gauzy effect. I've no technical knowledge or expertise when taking photos I just point and click and hope for the best!

I went on a little expedition on Tuesday to Royston and Baldock in Hertfordshire. I wanted to check out the charity shops. I was very restrained and didn't buy very much.

The earrings are charity shopped; the necklace a present from my brother. The watch is charity shopped and on the arm you can't see properly, as it's holding the selfie stick, I wore lots of thin silver bracelets; some were presents and some charity shopped.

It looks like I've got a quiff!

Royston and Baldock are both small market towns and both were very pleasant. Royston had five charity shops and Baldock only two - that I could find anyway. I bought 3 tops off the 50p rail; one plain black tunic  for the winter from the £1.00 rail; a pair of earrings for a £1.00 and this lovely bag:

It's by Leko of London and was £3.00. I couldn't resist it. It's got beads and embroidery on it and it now brings my collection of evening bags to 2!  I like the wee metal handle and the snap lock which has glittery stones on it. 

Here's my other evening bag:

I've had this bag forever. Mum used to work, until 1972, as a home help for the London Borough of Westminster. Her clients were mostly elderly ladies and they were always giving her things; home baked biscuits, ornaments, costume jewellery, bags etc. Mum was given this bag before she left the service and she gave it to me about 25 years ago. She used it over the years she had it and I've used it on several occasions too.  I just love it.  It doesn't have any label in it but it's very flexible and made of silver mesh. No idea how old it is; 1950s or 1960s I'd guess.

 Any ideas?


  1. Half the photos wouldn't load on my computer so I can't comment on the age of your bags, but the photo of you triumphant in your red skinnies did load-well done! I can't wear them, but you look great-like they were made for you.

    Routines are nice, aren't they? Hope yours continues to transition smoothly.

  2. I can't see a bunch of your photos either, only 1-4 and 6 & 7 show.

    Love your pretty jewelry, and you look great in that maxi! I like your earring storage/display - very clever!

  3. Unfortunately I can't see most of your photos either. The red skinnies and maxi both look wonderful though. xxx

  4. I like the floral shirt Veronica and that maxi dress suits you so well. I thought you'd maybe got a soft focus feature on your camera now which is a great idea don't you think? hahaha. I love both of your evening bags. I have a gold one similar to your mum's silver one, but mine isn't a vintage piece - well I bought it just before we got married and that was 35 years ago - is that vintage? Have a lovely week Vronni x

  5. Ah, I can see them!

    No idea about the first bag-it doesn't look old to me, but the second is in the Whiting and Davis style and that look stayed popular from the 30s straight through the 60's. The frame lacks the Deco features of an earlier bag, so I would guess 50's or 60's but I'm not an expert and I'm sure someone else here will be able to pin it down better.

    They're both beautiful bags.

  6. You've come back from your hols looking fantastic. All your outfits are great. I love all the colour in the first one particularly. Hello Veronica's son :) You're getting very adept with your selfie stick and I have to say your house looks beautiful. I'm very partial to a bit of wainscotting on the stairs. Xxxx

  7. I love your outfits!!
    I have a silver bag almost like that (a little different shape) that was my grandmothers!! I carry it occasionally and think of her when I do!

    1. Hi Jodie

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I'm almost sure the bag is from the 1960s. I,too, think of my mum every time I use the bag.

      I must go and check out your blog...

  8. I love the colours in the first outfit on you. And your earring collection! I love seeing how people store and display their accessories - in fact I'm kind of obsessed with it.