Friday, 15 July 2016

On selfies and technology...

I'm getting better at these selfie photos. It's useful when OH is not around. In fact, I'm thinking of buying myself a selfie stick if I can find a cheap one somewhere! I have tried using my camera which my daughter bought me about 7 years ago but unfortunately my Chrome book and it can't talk to each other. I've also downloaded an MP3 album which I paid for and can't get it to play on my Chrome book either. It will just have to wait until the eldest grandson comes to visit and I'll get him to sort it out!

This was Fridays' outfit.

Top charity shopped some months back; from £1.00 rail somewhere. Loose trousers; a recent  charity shop purchase but can't remember where -  they are black with greeney blue, lime green, white and tan splodges; sandals are the T strap Clarks I mentioned in my previous post and this is the sixth year I'm wearing them. They'll probably outlive me at this rate! Bangles charity shopped.

Necklace bought from local shop 'Simi and Lola' and the earrings are from Sainsbury's, I think, They're pretty old now at least five years or thereabouts...

I had a relatively lazy day on Friday, did the school run and some chores around the house then got stuck into another book. I got an email from the library telling me a recent reservation (the latest Anne Tyler) had arrived so that's another one to cram in before I go away. I still have two reservations outstanding (the latest from Annie Proulx and Sarah Moss) so I think I had better cancel them and re reserve when I get back.

This is what I wore on Saturday. I went out walking by myself to recce another walk (nearly 8 miles) and I just put my walking boots and socks on. The top is made of cotton so it is quite cool - just as well as it was very humid.

More Sainsbury's earrings and necklace bought in Oxfam in Newport Pagnell last year.

Skinny jeans; Cat's Protection League last week £2.99, Cotton tunic; Wallis bought from independent charity shop in town. £3.00. Slip on shoes; Primarni. Bangles charity shopped.

I think I'm fairly good at using new technology and I've just downloaded and discovered 2 new things. The first came via a letter asking if I had heard about something called 'Streetlife'. Some of you here in the UK maybe familiar with it already, but it was new to me. I signed up to the website and its remit is wider than one street; it covers the whole of Bedford and some of the surrounding villages. It's very useful; people asking for recommendations of tried and tested tradesmen, buying and selling objects, requests to join a book club etc.

The second thing is an app for the phone called Schpock - the boot sale app. It lists items for sale in your area. I have already bought something - a lovely rug for my landing. This isn't my landing but the landing in the upstairs of the pub where I collected it from. The floor actually sloped to the right but as the pub goes back to the 17th century this shouldn't be too surprising.

The pub had this amazing dresser -  the publican told me it was constructed by his friend from floorboards taken from a terraced house in Staffordshire.  I love the collection of Staffordshire blue and white pottery.

And these rather unusual individual seats like church pews were also part of the pub's lovely interior.

This was Sunday's outfit.

We went to the 'Black Tom Street Jumble'. The area of Bedford where I live is called 'Black Tom' after a highwayman who operated in the area in the 18th century.

I bought a lovely pair of sunglasses, new with tags on; originally from Allders Dept store and marked £69.00 - for £1.00! I also bought quite a few body creams, some cherry scones and a blue jug. Oh, I nearly forgot -  a pair of colourful striped tights!

I bought this top last Monday at Save the Children where I volunteer. It was £2.50.

White jeggings bought last summer and white lace pumps; Primarni.

Earrings, bangles and watch all charity shopped.

I wore this on Monday. I bought the trousers in the independent charity shop in town. The top was also charity shopped last year at the end of last summer and I hadn't yet worn it. It's by Monsoon and a deep and glorious purple.

I bought these sandals at a local shoe outlet for £8.00. Very comfortable, and as I left my other pair of red shoes at our mobile home in Donegal I wanted a pair of red summer shoes to wear here. All jewellery is charity shopped as well.

On Tuesday I went to see my friend in Cambridge. Her son's ashes had come home that day so I went to see how she was and I brought her a posy of flowers from my garden. We went out for a meal and then I drove back in very heavy rain.

I didn't remember to take photos until bedtime on Tuesday evening, hence the selfies. This cotton dress is Italian and charity shopped earlier this year but I can't remember where. It's linen, creases like buggery, but very comfortable and cool.

Mary Jane's charity shopped in Ely and all jewellery is charity shopped as well.

On Wednesday I walked with the Ramblers and we walked in Milton Keynes along the Grand Union Canal doing almost 8 miles. It was a lovely walk and although I dislike Milton Keynes, the city, the countryside is beautiful. It was also a really nice day; not too hot and with a cool breeze at times.

This was Thursday's outfit.

Every thing is charity shopped. Dress is from Store 21, cardigan from M & S, sandals from Leeds charity shop.

All jewellery charity shopped. The earrings are a recent purchase from Keech Hospice shop, necklace from the RSPCA in Newport Pagnell. Bangles from a range of charity shops - too many to mention. I mixed red and green bangles to echo the colour in my outfit.

I bought a couple of more items this week - despite my vow not to! A pair of Hobbs navy checked Capri trousers (£3.99) from British Red Cross; one of  the few things that weren't £1.99! A floral dress from ASOS (£3.00) from Save the Children. I hummed and hawed over the dress on Monday and then on Thursday went back to buy it. It won't be useful for the holiday because of the material, but it will be useful for the cooler months worn over jeans or leggings and cardigan or a jacket. You can't pass up a bargain now, can you?

I also bought myself a selfie stick with a clicker and need to get practising. It's not always a good idea to rely on other people to take your photos and hopefully this will help when I haven't got anyone to hand.

This was what I wore on Friday. I don't usually wear leggings much in the summer but I had started out in skinny jeans but then dropped a can of coke which sprayed me all over, so I had to change out of them.

Leggings M&S; shoes local shoe outlet. Green top British Red Cross £1.99. Kimono same place, same price.

Earrings - independent charity shop 50p.

Bangles - charity shopped.

The reading has been going well. I'm on the last novel but I still have two more non fiction books to read and I should manage this before the 28th when we go away.

I'm planning on walking on Saturday, I have youngest grandson to stay on Saturday evening and middle grandson to stay on Sunday night. It will be the last week of the school run run next week. Hurray!!

It's the River Festival here in Bedford this weekend. I will be there on Sunday on the Rambler's stall trying to persuade the public of the benefits of walking for pleasure. I hope the weather stays fine.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Church pews in the pub? That's MY kind of religion!

    I'm sure you'll recruit many new ramblers to your group as you make it sound so enjoyable.

    I can't pick a favourite necklace from this week's post-they're all fab. I know I adore those spotted trousers though. Good luck with the weekend festival.

    1. We were very busy, Goody, at the festival and had lots of interest. It was so hot though I nearly melted!

  2. That dresser in the pub is super. It looks like a proper pub with loads of character.

    I hope the festival goes well and you get lots of new ramblers signing up. Maybe you should advertise rambling as a 'pokemon hunt'!

    1. We didn't need to add any temptations, Mim, we were very busy and there was a lot of interest shown. We have a walking festival in September so it will be interesting to see if any come along because of our Rambler's stall.

  3. you know I'm a huge fan of your jewelry!, fabulous necklaces and earrings and bracelets!! love them!!
    And also lovely comfy&cool outfits, love particularly that deep purple blouse!

    1. Thank you, Senora. I love collecting jewellery on my travels around....

  4. It might crease like buggery but that Italian dress with the stack of silver jewellery wins favourite outfit of the week. Some fab runners up though and all manner of ace jewellery.
    That pub looks great. I love a collection of blue and white pottery, makes a fantastic impact.
    Hope you manage to recruit more ramblers and get those books finished. I'm reading Laurie Lee's collection, Red Sky at Sunrise. So beautiful that I never want it to end. xxx

    1. Oh it's fab to find a book that you never want to end! I'll have to look out this one by Laurie Lee; I've read his other 2 famous ones but have not even heard of this one.

  5. Great outfits, I especially love your green leaf necklace and that lovely red one. My Mum would go nuts for all that blue and white china. She has loads too. It must be a bugger to dust it all. I like the pews. Xx

    1. That's what I think, Kelly; china collections are great but a bugger to have to dust. I have a collection of pitchers - about 8 in total, and that's it now. I use most of them as flower vases.

  6. What a busy life you lead Veronica! Lots of lovely outfits here this week too, with my favourite being the Italian linen dress due to it's elegant simplicity. And as for jewellery I really like the green art deco earrings even though I don't wear earrings myself. Well done with all the walking, reading and generally superwoman behaviour. Not long til your hols now!
    Anna x

  7. You are getting the hang of these selfies Veronica! And you're obviously getting comfortable in front of the camera too. I love seeing how people's personal style develops when they start blogging; taking photos is a really good way to figure out what suits. I'm rather partial to that blue and white Wallis top, it's got a folky feel and is a really nice flattering shape. I agree with Vix about the linen dress and I always love that kimono. Xxx

  8. I love that green enamel leaf necklace on you – it's gorgeous! Also like the charcoal linen dress that creases. The pendant you're wearing with it is a fab find.