No more charity shop clothes buying challenge

Hello and yet another fortnight gone by - again! I just want to thank you all for visiting and supporting my blog over the past almost 7 years! And just a reminder - don't be afraid to comment; comments are very special and truly appreciated. Also, if you visit regularly; please do follow me. It's nice to see you have followers and even better when they comment... Of course as soon as I had put my winter clothes away the weather became became very chilly; it started at the weekend and continued almost all the way throughout the last week of April. I wore this outfit on Wednesday. I didn't walk with the group as I had to take middle grandson's mum to hospital in Northampton at 7.30 in the morning. She had been self isolating to avoid catching Covid - hence middle grandson's stay - as she was undergoing day surgery.  I'm pleased to report she made a good recovery and was home that afternoon. I went to Aldi in the afternoon to pick up the weekly bits I always buy f