More cold weather...

Hello again! This another of the dresses I bought from Vinted. I love the sleeves. Worn with my OTK boots which were online retail and leggings underneath. I went for a 5.5 mile walk along the river on Wednesday. It was a mild day with a bit of a cool breeze. The river had flooded its banks in places and footpaths were closed. I had to cross at least three bridges to follow my usual route whereas I normally need to cross only one. All jewellery charity shopped. Both the left and the bottom right photo show an area by the river that's normally a grassy path; now swans and other waterfowl had taken it over! The top right photo is of the Suspension Bridge over the river; one of three the I had to cross to avoid closed, flooded footpaths. This bridge was built in 1888. (Source: Bedford Borough Council artist impression) A second bridge; the Butterfly bridge was built in 1998; as the Suspension Bridge was difficult to access for people with disabilities and for those with pushchairs. (S

Lockdown Blues

It's February - nearly Spring! All jewellery charity shopped except the lapis lazuli ring bought retail many, many years ago. Tuesday's outfit worn to the food bank. We're finally managing to make some space in the food bank; I think a lot of stuff was taken to our other temporary warehouse about 5 miles away so we had space in places I haven't seen free for several months. I packed away all the toiletries and then I put away cereals. I do like organising things and making them look tidy! Plaid trousers by Red Herring; jumper by Principles and boots by Vanilla Moon. I meant to change into my red boots when I got back from the food bank but forgot. Everything was charity shopped.  It was a much warmer day on Tuesday 11 degrees. It's been a while since we've such temperatures but we were awaiting the arrival of Storm Cristophe bringing more flooding across the country. These sleeves were most impractical for cooking.  When I got back from the foodbank I fancied co