Ireland and After, 2020

I arrived back into the UK late on a Wednesday evening; four days earlier than planned. It took me a day to unpack, wash and sort my stuff and the caravan washing and to catch up with the always necessary food shopping.  I also sorted out some clothes and filled one and a half black plastic sacks for the charity shop. I then ventured into town on Friday to to drop off my donations and collect my daughter's birthday present. Several of the charity shops that were closed when I left had reopened. I bought this blue and white lightweight jacket by M&Co for 1.00 in the Salvation Army. I don't like the new Blogger; the photo sizing is different from the one I used on my previous post; which I posted only a day ago! Anyway, back to Bedford where they were digging the town centre up with annoying one way systems in place. I walked miles just trying to get from one place to another. I was glad to see the 3:16 charity shop had reopened too; and picked up a nice linen dress in their

Home from Ireland

Just a quickie... Well, I'm back having had a wonderful time in Ireland. Writing this now it  all seems a long time ago; but before I left for Ireland I led my 8 mile walk on a Wednesday in July, a lovely sunny day. Everyone enjoyed the walk and we were full with five walkers and a leader = 6. I had to turn one person down as there were no spaces left on the walk. Now, apparently we can have up to 30 on a walk despite the rule of 6; as walking with the Ramblers is considered to be an 'outdoor physical activity' which of course it is! I changed into this when I got back from the walk. Everything charity shopped. The skirt was an ebay buy during lockdown; BNWT from Jigsaw. The top is years old and the clogs are by Seasalt and bought in an Air Ambulance shop in Teignmouth. All jewellery charity shopped. I tried using the kitchen  to take photos but the photos still aren't right. It only happens in selfie mode.  My friend Ann popped round in the afternoon with two more mask