Monday, 25 May 2020

Covid Chronicles - Weeks 8 & 9

Jacket/Kimono Challenge - Day 13

Can you spot the difference?

I had a wardrobe dilemma on Wednesday. I started out with this Masai dress; bought in the Day Care Hospice shop in Castle road.  It was 8.00 but I've put it in the charity shop bag as I don't like it on me. It's too long but I do like the neck!

I could have worn a brooch on the jacket - damn!

I swapped it for this Warehouse tunic also charity shopped. Joe Brown leggings; retail, shoes retail and jacket by Fenn, Wright and Manson also charity shopped at the Red Cross. The jacket was part of a skirt suit; but the skirt was too long and difficult to hem because it had a fancy trim at hem length; plus the waist was a bit tight. The jacket is all that's left. I only ever wore the skirt suit once to OH's niece's christening.

I'm on my third bag of charity shop donations now and my wardrobe has slightly thinned out. At this rate I'll end up with a 'capsule' wardrobe by the time lockdown is over! 

OH was not been called into work despite the Prime Minister suggesting that by Wednesday all who could do so safely; could return to work. OH will find out in another two weeks what is happening with his company and he is planning to enjoy whatever furlough time he has left. The new catchphrase is 'stay alert'. I haven't got a clue what that's supposed to mean; but shall carry on doing what I've been doing since lockdown began.

I combined a trip to town with a 4 mile walk; walking along the Embankment and coming home the longest way round. Another chilly day with a sharp wind and not much sun but better weather was  soon to be on its way.

Jacket/Kimono Challenge - Day 14

Everything charity shopped. Jacket by M&S; Red Cross shop, jeans by M&S; and top charity shopped in Cancer Research shop. Shoes from Donegal charity shop.

All jewellery charity shopped except earrings bought in Donegal gift shop and made by an Irish jewellery maker. I'm fed up with corona hair. I tried using a mousse and scrunching it so it went curly (my hair has a natural wave/curl) but it's not long enough yet. Thank goodness I have my headscarves to fall back on!

Thursday was shopping day and the highlight of my week during this lockdown period. I managed to get almost everything in Lidl;  but also popped into Aldi for a few bits and round the corner to Sainsbury's Local for the last couple of bits. When the shopping was unpacked and put away; I put on my walking boots and socks and set out for a long walk. I combined two previous walks together and walked 9.5 miles. The wind had died down in the afternoon and the sun stayed out so it was really pleasant. I was a bit sore after 9.5 miles and slept like a baby on Thursday night but then I nearly always do. I tend to go to bed early and get up early. I'm most definitely a morning person. OH isn't but he's always very pleasant in the morning; not grumpy or moody at all. He doesn't go to bed until the wee small hours....

Friday was a leisurely day. I had a rest from walking; did some washing; caught up on blogs, continued with my Crime Fest reading; and bought bread and milk from Sainsbury's Local.  I dug out the linen for Friday's outfit:

I've had this M&S linen shirt forever. It was a charity shop buy but can't remember where. Paisley trousers and Clarks shoes also charity shopped.
I forgot my bangle and ring whilst taking the photos so added them for the final one. All jewellery and headscarf charity shopped.

I've not been having any luck with sending my crocheted blankets to Knit for Peace. I made arrangement with Hermes online and paid them. The parcel was meant to be collected by a courier on 8th May; it wasn't. I made a phone call  on Tuesday 12th which took more than 20 mins to get through; and was told it would be collected in the afternoon. It wasn't. Another phone call with another 20 minute wait assured me it would be collected on Friday. It wasn't. Yet another phone call on Saturday morning with a 35 minute wait (at 7p a minute, mind you) saw me telling them I wanted it collected that day or to refund me my money. They refunded my money. The moral of this story is don't use Hermes Courier Service; in my opinion it's crap!

More linen on Saturday; top by Monsoon charity shopped in Co. Longford charity shop. Trousers by Tu and Mary Janes by Clark's also charity shopped.

Scarf and all jewellery charity shopped.

I went for a 5 mile walk on Saturday and uprooted a Euphorbia plant (about 4 foot high!) which was growing under and on the other side of a fence by the golf course. It's now planted in the garden next to the Buddleia tree and I have high hopes for it. We have now decided that we will level the garden  bit at the front of the house with a container of gravel that our next door neighbour recently donated. There are some broken paving slabs that need to be removed first; then we need to remove all the plant pots - one of which is a very large wooden one rescued from a skip. Then we can pour on the gravel; rake it level and replace the pots. We have hollyhocks that grow out of this piece of ground so I hope the gravel won't deter them from growing back...I've lived in this house for almost 29 years and they were here when we moved in. OH and I had an exciting trip to the Garden Centre on Saturday afternoon. Garden centres were allowed to re-open in England from Monday 11th May. It was quite busy but not enough to not practise social distancing; we may have bought a few plants while we there...

Sunday was a lovely day and we ate dinner in the garden. I went for a 5.5 mile which brought my total miles up 30 for this week!

Everything is charity shopped. Jeans by Next; tunic by Oasis; no label shirt/blouse and clogs by Seasalt bought on my last trip to Devon.

Scarf and all jewellery charity shopped except earrings from Sainsbury's.

Monday was a very warm day and the beginning of week 9 of lockdown. I met up with my daughter for a walk and we managed 4 .5 miles but it was too hot to walk for much longer. I also did the housework; did a wash and hung it up. In the heat it was dry within an hour. We have a week ahead of hot weather; I am comfortable with about 23 degrees but any hotter and I start to wilt. If I want to walk I will have to go out early in the morning before it gets too hot or later when it cools down.

Jacket/Kimono Challenge - Day 15

I didn't wear the jacket in the end it was too hot!

Jeans by M&S; shirt no label; jacket by M&S bought in a Kettering charity shop. Shoes by Clarks all charity shopped.
 Jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

Tuesday was OH's birthday and the food bank. I spent the time at the food bank making up food parcels.

I've been wanting some wide legged, high waisted jeans for a while. I caved in and bought a pair from Evans in the Debenhams sale. Very comfortable.  Jacket from M&S and top by Next; both charity shopped. Shoes from a Donegal charity shop.

All jewellery charity shopped.

Corona hair. It's not too bad when it's just been washed but OMG I am missing the hairdresser!
Tuesday was also OH's birthday. I had planned for us to drive out somewhere, in the absence of places to go because of the lockdown, but OH had to wait to collect his car from being serviced first. Unfortunately, it was gone three when they called him so that meant we couldn't go that day.

Wednesday was the hottest day of the year so far - 26 degrees!

Everything charity shopped except the pumps from Sainsbury's. Excuse the wet patch on my t shirt; I'd just splashed something on me...

Skirt by Kaleidoscope; t shirt by M&S; both from my Barnardo's.

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

 We had to wait in for a new mattress to be delivered in the afternoon so would go on Thursday for a day out. We decided to get on with sorting out the front garden. We removed all the pots except the largest which is too heavy to move; weeded; removed old broken flagstones; bits of old wood and junk. We raked the existing gravel level and replaced it with the donated white gravel from our neighbour. Finally, we replaced the plants.

The lavender might do better in this spot at the front. This front bit's got a bit of a Mediterranean feel, I think. The weather was certainly Mediterranean! The orange and yellow flowers at the back are called Beedance  and designed to attract bees and butterflies. We bought it at the garden centre along with more hollyhocks; peppers, chillies, sweet corn and cucumber. There's Dianthus, Begonias, Cyclamen and Lampranthus. The front gets the sun from about 3 pm onwards and many years ago when I first lived here; I used to sunbathe at the front here - much to the embarrassment of my kids!


Monbretia and a Hebe which I gave a good prune; it's another supermarket plant that has grown into a bush, from QD, I think. There are also Geraniums, Hollyhocks and Stocks in pots behind this wall. The plant on the windowsill is a Verbena.

The plant above on the right on the window sill is a climbing Geranium; and there are Fuchsias (just about to flower) and Busy Lizzies along the front. Vix  HEREis right; gardening is the new charity shopping!

We have a tree growing at the front.  I checked it out using Plant Snap and it seems to be a walnut tree. It's probably got there by a squirrel burying some of its stash. I think it's taken about 10 years to get this tall and we prune it from time to time. Just under the trellis is the Pyracantha; with a bit of luck it will start to climb up the trellis soon and when it grows its bright yellow berries it will be a source of food for the birds. That's the street entrance to the alleyway below.

When we  did the work at the front almost all the plant pots were out on the pavement. A man asked us if we were giving them away. He had taken some of the books previously I'd put out for free. He seemed quite disappointed when I said no!

Along with the mattress delivery we also received delivery of our toilet paper  made from recycled paper order from 'Who Gives a Crap' HERE.  They also use some of their profit to build toilets in areas of the world where sanitation is an issue. I've heard a lot of good things about this so decided to give it a try.

When it had cooled down I went out for a 5 mile walk. I passed this majestic Cedar of Lebanon tree on my way.

Look at that cloudless blue sky.

Thursday was another gloriously hot and sunny day. After doing the weekly shop at Lidl and Aldi; OH and I set out for a change of scenery. I wore this. Everything charity shopped except the shoes; online retail.

Jacket/Kimono Challenge - Day 16

Trousers by Next; top by Debenhams and kimono by Primarni bought in a Devon charity shop.

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

As there are no places of interest open to the public during this lockdown period; it was a case of finding somewhere to go out in the open. My walking group had walked here earlier this year and as I didn't go on the walk - it was too far - I thought it might be a good place to visit. I was right. Where did we go? We went to a place called Lyveden New Bield which is an uncompleted Elizabethan summer/lodge house in the parish of Aldwincle in East Northamptonshire, England, owned by the National Trust. It is a Grade I listed building, classing it as a 'building of exceptional interest. SOURCE: Wikipedia. It dates from about 1604/1605 and was built for Sir Thomas Tresham. There is a moated  garden and an orchard. The gardens will be developed by the National Trust.

Sert in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside it was like being in another world. No noise other than that of nature in all her glory. A river ran through the estate and there were shells along the footpath; discarded by birds such as heron, I wondered. They were broken shells but originally quite large and a rounded triangle in shape. I heard the first cuckoo of the year here (they're becoming rarer in the UK although I've heard them in Ireland) and saw my first swallows. They're very late this year and I've yet to hear a swift. Usually by this time of the year you can hear swifts screaming up high in the sky over my house.
We also visited the village of Aldwincle which was very pretty with two lovely churches and some lovely houses. We stopped at the village shop (note Covid -19 precautions!) where we bought a soft drink for OH; an ice cream for me and some delicious fresh apricots.

My crime reading fest continues. There was a shelf and a half;  now only one remains and it's not quite full. I have three more Scandi Noir to read after my current one; including one which was delivered on Friday. I'm also going to reread 'Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow'. I will then assess if I've had enough of violence and death (!) and move onto something more gentle. I am spoilt for choice with books having a huge collection at home and of course I have the Kindle, too.

I haven't done much in the way of crocheting; only added 2 pink Solid Willow squares to my project. The others were crocheted in Ireland in 2018.

We did the usual clap for carers on Thursday evening but I won't be doing it next week. I think we should be persuading the government to reward the carers instead. I also feel that other workers need appreciation too; the delivery drivers; refuse collectors, supermarket and other shop staff; the teachers who have been going to work through the lockdown and many more who go under the radar.

Friday brought cooler, breezier weather but it was still very pleasant. I had to venture into town for more bird food - peanuts and mealworms. I spend quite a lot of money feeding the birds but feel it's money well spent. I went to Wilco and the queue was humongous; half way down the Hugh Street. I persevered and after about ten minutes it was my turn. I believe from 1st June our non-essential shops will be able to open. I can only say I haven't really missed them; as I can buy what I need from what is currently open. I met up with my daughter in the afternoon and went for a 5 mile walk.

Everything charity shopped except green pumps as before.

Skirt by Phool; linen top by and denim jacket by Next.

Scarf and all jewellery charity shopped.

 We actually had some rain showers on Saturday! It meant OH didn't need to water the garden but our plans for a BBQ were thwarted. Everything charity shopped. Skirt is actually a sleeveless, strapless dress with an elasticated bodice. It's by Clockhouse (C&A) and probably classed as vintage now! Can't remember where I picked it up from. Top is a 1.00 rail buy and is from Next; and the jacket by Precis was bought in the Animal Welfare charity shop in Donegal. The shoes are also from a Donegal charity shop.

Jacket/Kimono Challenge - Day 17

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

I'm still experimenting with getting the size of my photos right but I think these are a little too big!

Sunday was a quiet day and the only thing I did was go out for a 6 mile walk.

Monday, saw the start of week 10 of the lockdown, a bank holiday and a truly beautiful sunny day. In  normal times this bank holiday Monday is our seasonal family trip to the seaside. In recent years we've visited both Suffolk and Norfolk beaches as a family. Our nearest beach is Hunstanton ( about 80+ miles away) a lovely Victorian seaside place; Brancaster, a few miles up the road from Hunstanton; Walberswick and Southwold. In Norfolk we've visited Cromer, Wells-next-the Sea and Holkham. We were planning to go to Great Yarmouth en famille this year; but that will have to wait until lockdown is over. Meanwhile, I set out for a 7 mile walk from Milton Ernest and on return tackled the housework. The housework always needs doing as does the washing; cooking and shopping whatever crisis is unfolding!

Everything charity shopped. Trousers and top both from M&S bought in my Barnardo's. Shoes from Donegal charity shop.

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

I'm just about to start my 15th book since the start of May and may even hit 16 or 17 by the 31st. The PM has also just announced that outdoor markets and car show rooms can open from 1st June. From 15th June non essential retail shops can open if they can be Covid 19 ready. Does that mean Barnardo's will re open? Watch this space!

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Covid-19 Chronicles . Weeks 6 and 7.

I spent a lot of Tuesday crocheting and reading.  It was a chilly, wet day and not conducive to walking. I did do a wash, though, and filed my paperwork. I have a system for paperwork. I plonk the important stuff in my bureau and every couple of months file it properly in my portable concertina file. It must have been quite a while since I last filed; because I found a tax code notification for the tax year 2019/2020 and I've already received one this year for the tax year 2020/2021! OH re-hung two of the upstairs curtain poles as each had come adrift on one side and were crooked. They've been like that for several years and I'd got used to them; but it's great to have them straight again! You can tell I'm not a perfectionist - just as well really.

The other job I'm hoping OH will do while he is on furlough is put some window film on our  lower front windows upstairs and down. As we live on a pretty busy street people are always peering into our living room. I don't blame them; I do the same myself. The window film will allow the light in but the nosy parkers out; and upstairs I can prance around naked should I choose to do so without fearing a double decker bus will be passing at the same time - we're very close to a bus stop! UPDATE - he's done it!

On Wednesday, I got up and walked 6 miles around my usual route -  from youngest grandson's school to the village of Clapham; following the farm track to the village of Ravensden; and back to grandson's school. It rained for the last mile but not heavily and I was wearing a waterproof jacket with a hood.

Jacket/Kimono Challenge - Day 8

 I'm not completely sure I haven't already counted this jacket in the previous jacket challenge but what the heck!  I wore it to London over a maxi dress for my brother Julian's birthday celebration meal.  The jacket is by Zara and came from my Barnardo's, as did the turquoise patterned shirt. I bought the shirt on the very last day at the charity shop when we were instructed to go home and shut up the shop; as the lockdown had begun in earnest.  Monday, March 23rd; it seems like aeons ago!

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

Jeans by Next; charity shopped and cut and frayed by me. Shoes; Donegal charity shop.

I didn't wear the jacket round the house but I did wear it to Aldi where I went in the afternoon to pick up bits we needed. It saved me going there on Thursday when I did the weekly shop.

Thursday - the weekly shop. Highlight of my week! This was what I wore:

Everything charity shopped. Jeans as before. Top by Wallis; Irish charity shop; woollen waistcoat 1.00 rail somewhere, Shoes; Donegal charity shop.

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped. The necklace came from my Barnardo's.

I'd stripped the bed and was letting it air....

I woke up early on Thursday and the sun was shining brilliantly. I should have got up and gone for an early walk but I turned over and went back to sleep. By the time I was up and ready and had done the shopping there was torrential rain and the temperature dropped to 7 degrees.

Friday was brighter and warmer. I decided to walk to the village of Bromham and have a look at my old house. I lived in this village for 10 years; 8 years in this particular house. I walked 6.5 miles in all and saw lots of amazing blossoming trees:
And I got more Wisteria envy:
This was what I wore but with walking boots and socks. I took a waterproof coat with me but discarded it after a while as I got quite hot.

Jacket/Kimono Challenge - Day 9
I still haven't made up the spare bed - with grandsons not staying anymore there is no need.

Everything charity shopped. This is the second kimono I ever bought. I think I got it in the Red Cross shop when I volunteered there. It's by Peacocks. Trousers by F&F and shoes by Clarks. Hair freshly washed and not looking too bad...

All jewellery charity shopped except the silver cuff; a present from my friend Ann. I miss her and can't wait to see her again when we can start visiting friends and family....

On Saturday, I walked around the town and managed 5 miles in total; no rain but nice and sunny in parts. In the afternoon and evening I finally finished my blanket. I've used most of my blue and green stash now but I would have liked the blanket to be a few inches wider; it doesn't quite fit a double bed as you can see. I like the edging which I adapted from Attic 24 Granny Blanket edging HERE; I didn't have enough turquoise left to do the three rows of edging so opted for just one row instead.

My plan for my next crochet project is to pick up and carry on the 'Willow pattern' squares I initially started in Ireland in 2018 and got bored because I was only working in two colours. I like lots of colour. I have a box full of pink and purple wool to use up so I intend to make a throw for my bed. We sat down to watch the BBC4 9pm Scandi series but was rather disappointed and gave up after 15 minutes. Life's too short...we started to watch 'Killing Eve' on catch up instead. That would keep us going for the week ahead.

Sunday was a cool but dry day and I went out for a 4.5 mile walk before I cooked dinner.

Everything charity shopped. Trousers by Tu; lace top no label and cardigan bought in Irish charity shop. Pumps by Next.

Scarf and all jewellery charity shopped.

We had a family Zoom meeting in the evening and it was lovely to see my brothers and eldest grandson. Everyone is well, thankfully, and all curious about how the easing of the lockdown will play out... we would find out by 10th May when the Prime Minister would announce what measures were to be taken.

Monday was the beginning of week 7 of the lockdown. OH and I did the housework; I did a wash and hung it out. It was quite breezy but sunny. In the afternoon I went for a 6 mile walk meeting up with my daughter but keeping our required distance.

I finally got round to making the bed up.

Everything charity shopped. Jumper by Next; trousers by Tu; shoes by Clarks.

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped except the earrings; a present.

I was looking forward to the food bank on Tuesday having not been needed last week. I spent the morning making up hygiene packs for families; 2 toilet rolls; 1 washing up liquid; I bottle spray household cleaner; 1 cleaning cloth; I bottle of washing liquid (Ariel) for clothes; I bar of soap, I pump hand wash; 1 shower gel and 1 toothpaste. The van came and collected all the ones I'd made up and put into crates so I made up another 12 crates for collection later in the week. I was in the big warehouse on my own with only the warehouse manager coming in and out.

Jacket/Kimono Challenge - Day 10

Everything charity shopped.  Trousers by Zara; top by G21 and kimono charity shopped somewhere in Ireland. Can't remember where the shoes came from either.

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

My daughter gave me her old fitbit watch in February. It took me a couple of weeks to sync it to the Fitbit app and I've been wearing it daily since about the middle of February. I got a message from Fitbit the other day telling me I had walked the length of Italy; according to the number of steps I had accumulated! It is quite amazing how many steps you can clock up in a day; and in my case not always including a walk.  For example, I've done 13,000 steps before just around the house and garden. I had a break from walking on Tuesday. I'm scared of straining my knee the way I did a couple of years ago. I always try and rest from walking at least one or two days a week. It's a bit annoying as I have the time to walk daily now with far less commitments on my time because of the lockdown; but it's better to be safe than sorry as the saying goes.

On Wednesday it was the most beautiful day, sunny, warm and very little breeze. I went for an 8 mile walk following the walk route I was supposed to lead for the Ramblers on 18th March just before lockdown proper began. I saw an unusual bird  on my walk - white head, reddish back; but couldn't get close enough to see the detail; I love spotting new birds when I'm out. Having looked it up, it's possible that it might have been a Red Backed Shrike but I saw several perched on the overhead wires. and they're quite rare.. so probably not. I also saw 2 grey partridges, pheasants, and heard several green woodpeckers (yaffles) and saw and heard lots of wonderful skylarks.

Jacket/Kimono Challenge - Day 11

Thursday was busy. I took my car in early for a service and while I waited for the call to collect it; did a wash and hung it out; worked out my monthly expenditure - my pension was paid early as Friday had been announced as a bank holiday. The car needed a new rear tyre and there was a small oil leak. I'd have to take the car to Bletchley; as due to the virus their specialist tech person was not travelling around the branches so we have to go to him. I then went to do the weekly food shop at Lidl and Aldi. After that it was off to Sharnbrook to the farm shop for coal and kindling; our evenings are still chilly. Once I'd packed all the shopping away I put on my walking boots and walked 5.5 miles. It was very warm and I felt more tired doing this 5.5. miles in the heat than I did  on Wednesday when I walked 8 miles!

Everything charity shopped. Skirt by Rapp; from Daycare Hospice shop; white top 1.00 rail somewhere; jacket by M&S; Red Cross shop. Shoes from Donegal charity shop.

Scarf and all jewellery charity shopped.

It was still warm on Thursday evening so we didn't need to light the fire. That's the first time in weeks. .

Friday was another very warm day and a bank holiday to celebrate 75th anniversary of  Victory in Europe Day. When we walked through the village of Beddenham they must have had a sort of street party. Lots of houses had put their tables and chairs at the end of their drives; someone was playing music from WW11 over a loudspeaker and champagne buckets were on some tables but there was no one around. It was a bit spooky to be honest...

More Wisteria envy and a beautiful horse chestnut tree complete with candles; both spotted on the walk of 5 miles. OH came, too. Apart from the walk and a quick walk into town earlier to pick up some hooks for the bathroom I didn't do much else. I tidied up an area of the garden by putting all the loose bricks and broken slabs into a container ready for the tip. That left a clear space next to the Hibiscus bush where we can put more pots of flowers or maybe another climber; decisions, decisions!  When I was in Lidl I bought some begonias for the hanging baskets and a fig tree. I'm hoping it will do as well as the Fatsia Japonica I bought from there years ago; and if it does it could maybe go  into this new vacant space...OH managed to pick up a hosta plant so we're hoping by smearing vaseline around the top of the pot we'll keep the slugs at bay.

The planter is blooming nicely....

I also got rid of some of the rubbish in the alleyway - OH throws nothing away - aaaaggghhhh!  There was lots of cardboard to break down and plastic packaging all to be recycled. I also contacted a fellow Rambler who collects scrap metal for a charity; and asked him if he would like the metal bed frame and the few other metal bits blocking up our alleyway. He agreed to pick them up on Monday - hurray! We also had an announcement from our Mayor to say the tidy tip would open on Monday; but that we would have to book in advance. Visits will be organised into 15 minute slots and there will be a one way system in operation to maintain social distancing. I'll wait until the metal has gone from the alley way to see if we still need to visit the tidy tip; somehow I doubt it.

Jacket/Kimono Challenge - Day 12

Everything charity shopped except the shoes; online retail.
Trousers by John Lewis; top no label; lace jacket no label and I can't remember where I got them from. The last time I wore this lace jacket was to Cousin Marian's birthday bbq last June...

 Scarf and all jewellery charity shopped.

Saturday was another beautiful hot day.

Everything charity shopped. Skirt by East bought at The Guildhouse when I volunteered there. Both tops 1.00 rails. Red Chinese embroidered slippers; British Heart Foundation.

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

We had a barbecue in the garden and lots of wine was consumed...hence the rosy cheeks!

Sunday was a complete contrast; temperatures much lower, very windy and rain! The English weather never ceases to surprise. A quiet relaxing day with not very much happening. Reading; a bit of crocheting etc. I've sorted out quite a lot of clothing for the charity shops and luckily there was still an almost empty clothes bin where I park my car for a countryside walk; I've managed to get rid of two plastic bags full since the lock down. I've also saved quite a bit of money as I haven't been able to go for a rummage. There's always a silver lining to every cloud! The announcement from the PM was a bit of a damp squib and lacked detail on some important issues. I expect it will become clearer over the next few days...

On Monday, I ventured to Sainsbury's where OH had spotted some footwear he'd like for his birthday. I queued for about 3 minutes and was in. I need to buy him some of his favourite aftershave as I know he is running out. Normally, we would have a night or weekend away to celebrate his birthday but I'll have to owe him one until we can travel freely again. We also usually have a celebratory birthday meal  out with the family; but that will have to wait as well. Monday saw the beginning of week 8 since lockdown began. I went out for a walk in the morning before I went to Sainsbury's and walked 6 miles. Still quite chilly but sometimes sunny with the occasional strong breeze. I forgot to take photos but I wore my new to me Seasalt clogs around the house...

Tuesday brought a much better day. Sunny, little wind and a bit warmer. I set off for the food bank as usual and wore my M&S charity shopped coat.

I don't like this pinafore dress on me so it will be going into the charity shop bag. The neck needed to be a V or a scoop shape; I look all bosom! Everything charity shopped except the leggings.

All jewellery and scarf charity shopped.

The sun has obliterated my feet!

The food bank was busy. I spent the morning dating and sorting pasta and rice, making up hygiene bags and unpacking dropped off donations from the public. Still only three of us in; plus two managers and one admin staff. I can't see it going back to normal as when we're up to normal staffing levels it would not be possible to social distance from one another in the warehouse. There has been so much donated (thank you!) we also now have another warehouse a few miles away but it is just for temporary storage. The council loaned it to us.

 I am in the  midst of a Scandi Noir reading crime fest trying to read as many of my crime books as I can - a shelf and half full - and I've given about half a dozen away. I  can now legitimately meet my daughter and walk together from tomorrow. That's about how exciting life get's at the moment! See you in a fortnight and thank you for comments; I appreciate them very much.

Lost earrings, birthday and some sad news.

Hello!  This was me in my walking outfit on Wednesday; plus waterproof coat, scarf and gloves. It was both a wet and cold day.  I'd put ...