Thursday, 7 January 2016

Not Buying It - Days 4, 5 and 6

Day 4. This dress was charity shopped as was the cardigan. The leggings were bought on E bay a few weeks back. The boots are my daughter's cast off's. The watch was a Christmas present about 4 years ago from my daughter and the necklace was a Christmas present 2 years ago from my brother. Earrings are from a charity shop and are real silver with a dark blue stone for the princely sum of 99p!

Day 5.  Skinny jeans from Primarni as are the desert boots. I bought the identical pair in The Children's Society charity shop but they were a size 3 and too tight; I usually wear a 4 and I have wide feet. I gave the size 3s to my daughter in law and bought myself a new pair (£10.00). Navy blue t shirt charity shopped, the waterfall cardigan is a Christmas present from my middle grandson. The beads were bought in the Oxfam shop in Newport Pagnell a few weeks back and were £2.99. Earrings were a gift from my ex mum-in-law.

Day 6. At last I decided to wear my 'hands' tunic. I'm still waiting for a yellow cardigan to arrive - a belated Christmas present from my OH. I had planned to wear the yellow cardigan with this tunic and with some yellow tights, but the tunic is too short to wear on its own. So, I wore plum coloured leggings bought from E bay, tunic from Save the Children £1.99, teal coloured cardigan another Studio catalogue bargain at £4.00. The boots were bought from the Reuse Centre in Bedford for £2.50, just before Christmas. I think my navy blue leggings might have looked better with the tunic but there's always another time!

The necklace was bought in a charity shop and the earrings are from Sainsbury's - again! I like their earrings; they often have really lovely ones, but I usually wait until they are on offer before buying them.

I have a confession to make. See how I've slipped it in here at the bottom rather than starting the post with it? I have lapsed...."forgive me Father I have sinned. It's been ONLY 4 days since I last bought some clothes in the charity shop". I couldn't help it - 50p for a pink and black plaid shirt - in my size! I couldn't pass it by now could I? And then...and then the very next day out for a long walk, I passed two charity shops and saw  a green and blue patterned cardigan for a £1.00 in my size. I bought it. It would have been silly to pass by such a good bargain - so I didn't. So, I've spent £1.50 on clothes despite my pledge not to buy any more but on the other hand I will not pass by a bargain. The thing with charity shopping is that if you see something good or a fantastic bargain, buy it, it is highly unlikely to be there the next time you visit!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Local Fashionista!

I've lived in Bedford for 35 years this year and for many of those years I have seen this lovely lady around town.

She wears amazing outfits of her own making and I would describe her style as 'Modern Edwardian'. She normally has a close fitting knee length top with a full skirt underneath and usually a huge cartwheel type hat. It was pretty cold and today so she's wearing a fur one. In the summer she often carries a willow basket and sometimes a shopping trolley (as above).  She wears masses of jewellery and always wears gloves ,often elbow length.  I have never seen her in a coat - whatever the weather. You can see what looks like a capelet in her trolley above to match her fur hat. She is a local 'character' and today I finally spoke to her!

I  was out for a long walk on my own and met her on this bridge which leads into the town.  I  asked if I could take a photo of her, as I admired her style. She was most agreeable to this. Her name is Naomi Brown and she buys all her clothes from charity shops and refashions them to her liking. She is, luckily, handy with a needle! She is very tiny, about a size 8, but I have no idea of her age. I think the outfit today is not totally reflective of her usual look and I will hopefully get some photos of her in more outfits as I see her around.

When my partner first moved to Bedford  nearly 16 years ago, he asked me one day if I had ever seen this lady in her finery - and of course I had, and knew immediately who he was talking about. (We call her the Edwardian Lady) but today I found out her name and how she creates her outfits! I told her I would put her photo on my blog and she seemed happy with that ,but I must ask her when I next see her if she knows about/reads style blogs especially those for older women. 

A true original!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Not buying it! Days 2 & 3

 This is the second day of my New Year Challenge - to try and 'shop' my own wardrobe with out buying anything, clothes wise, from the charity shop. I reckon I can make about 6 - 8 weeks worth of outfits, wearing a different outfit each day. Maybe I can't, but I'm going to find out! My necklace is from a car boot sale some years ago and my earring are from Sainsbury's bought when they have 20 or 25% off.

My red brothel creepers/beetle crushers were £4.00 in a charity shop, brown skirt from £1.00 rail  in charity shop some months ago, M & S top the same. The cardigan is from Primarni and I bought it about 6 years ago!

So, this is the second outfit worn on 2nd January, 2016.

I think it will be quite a challenge as I'm used to supplementing my clothes with 'new' ones on a regular basis. As I won't be doing that any more will I will able to create a different outfit each day or will I have reuse some items to create a new look? I think it maybe the latter....

Day 3 - 3rd January 2016

I didn't get a chance to take a photo of what I wore on 3rd January 2016 but I can describe it to you - I wore the red tunic I've got on below with the same gilet (both from charity shops in Donegal) but I wore red leggings and black brothel creepers/beetle crushers with it instead.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions

I don't make New Year's resolutions. The last time I made one was New Year's Eve 2005/06 and that was to give up smoking. That was 10 years ago and I haven't smoked since then. Yes, I put on weight and I haven't really lost it - but hey, who cares? I'm healthy, exercise regularly and try to eat healthily although my downfall is sugar. I love chocolate and cake and biscuits and have to watch that I don't over indulge....

The necklace was 2.00 euros from an Irish charity shop in Donegal and the earrings, which are rather mediaeval looking I think, (I have a black pair as well) were bought from a charity shop for about £1.00 each about 3 or 4 years ago.

Everything  (bar the boots) I'm wearing is charity shopped. The skirt was on the £1.00 rail as was the grey long sleeved top. The cardigan I picked up on Tuesday last for £1.99 in the British Red Cross shop in town.
The watch, ring and bracelet are all charity shopped, too. The boots were bought on line.

As it's 10 years since my last New Year's resolution I think I might make one this year and that will be to try and see how long I can last not buying any more clothes from the charity shops. I have enough clothes,
I would think, to allow me to wear a different outfit everyday for 6 to 8 weeks. I try to operate a '1 in and 1 out' policy but I still have loads and loads of clothes - 38 stretchy tops being one example!

So, that's my aim and I shall keep you updated. I wish I could do a post everyday but I just wouldn't be able to manage that. I might manage a photo a day though - food for thought there. The downside is, when I do go to charity shops now (and I can't stay out of them); what do I buy? I'm not buying clothes; not buying any more wool, trying not to buy books as I've just about run out of shelf space - what's left?  I've more than enough jewellery, handbags, scarves and footwear. I have a few hats. I like bric-a-brac but there's a limit storage wise and I think I've reached it now. Can I actually go into charity shops and not buy anything at all? Watch this space!

I have edited this post as I have accepted my own challenge! Day 1 of 'Not Buying it' starts with this outfit which I wore on New Year's Day - 1st January 2016

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year and all that jazz....

This is the knitted tunic top I bought yesterday in Huntingdon. It's too short to wear as a dress with thick tights so I've worn it over leggings. I can't wait to wear my 'hands' tunic bought last week, but I'm waiting on a belated Christmas present to arrive before I wear it with the tunic.

We're babysitting this New Year Eve so no dressed up photos to show. I don't actually go out much in the evenings and rarely have an occasion to dress up. The last time I did (my brother's birthday meal and eldest brother's gig) I forgot to take photos! I do try to make an effort though even if I'm not leaving the house. No PJ days for me! I think I've had one or two in about ten years.....

So, the tunic was from yesterday's charity shop trip to Huntingdon. The patterned jumper bought in a charity shop a few years ago. The leggings are from Sainsbury's as are the boots. The earrings and necklace are charity shopped and cost 2.50 and £1.00 respectively.

(That's my youngest grandson's t shirt drying on the radiator - I forgot to take it off for the photo)!

The ring I'm wearing is the colour of lapis lazuli  (probably among my most favourite words in the world). I bought it myself ages ago and the bangle, which is enamel on metal, was a present from my ex- mother in law. I had a beautiful cobalt blue one the same but it had a catch fastening and the catch broke. It was my favourite bangle so I'm pretty upset as it isn't repairable.....

You can just see in the bottom right hand corner a magazine on the footstool. I bought half dozen yesterday for a £1.00 - Cosmopolitan/Good Housekeeping etc. I never buy new women's magazines, they're far too expensive, but I enjoy looking at the fashion and make up advice and having a cackle at the outrageous price of most of the clothes featured.

Well, I need to get back to my Southern Comfort and ginger ale, Jools Holland on the TV and get ready to see in the New Year.

Happy New Year mes amis!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

St. Ives and Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Image result for images of st ives cambs  uk

These are the towns we visited today on a charity shop hunt.Image result for images of huntingdon cambs uk
We found 6 charity shops in both places, pretty good for small market towns. I hadn't visited either for about 10 years or more so it was interesting to see the changes and see what was familiar.

Image result for images of st ives cambs  uk

This is the mediaeval bridge in St.Ives

This is the main street in St.Ives where we found 6 charity shops.

This is a statue of Oliver Cromwell at the other end of Market Street.

Oliver Cromwell was born and attended school in Huntingdon and later became the MP for Huntingdon. There is a museum dedicated to him on the site of his old school (below).

Here he is, the old bugger!

Well, that's enough of the scenery - what did we get? 

I got an Ironstone Pitcher Jug. I think it's called a pitcher when it has straight sides but I know the Americans call jugs pitchers. I have a couple of pitcher jugs so this one will compliment them nicely and they make lovely vases, too. It was £4.95 in Scope in Huntingdon. I bought my grandson a top in here for £1.49.

I bought this metal brooch for £2.50 and this knitted dress/tunic for 3.49 in the Sue Ryder Hospice shop.

I'll wear this with a long sleeved top underneath over leggings or jeans or just with tights.

In St.Ives, I bought a bundle of goodies for 99p in the Oxfam shop which included some nutcrackers; (we couldn't find ours this year so it will be really useful), a pair of ice cube tongs, 2 olive forks (!) and a tiny ladle with holes, purpose completely unknown, but I'm not complaining at 99p the lot! In the Barnardo's shop where everything is £1.99 (except the books) I bought a  black, sleeveless, draped top and a book - 'Americanah' by Chiamamanda Ngozi Adichie.

My OH bought Christmas cards, some scented candles, 3 tops and a beautiful dark brown pair of leather shoes, so he was very happy.

Yesterday, I went into town to run a few errands and bought this for £1.99 in the British Red Cross Shop:

I'm hoping not to buy any more clothes now for a good few months. I do not need any more and my wardrobes are full....

I'd like to wish you a wonderful New Year and hope it brings all you want and need. Let's spare a thought for all those less fortunate than ourselves and hope 2016 brings peace to those parts of the world sorely in need of it.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Day

This is what I wore on Christmas Day. Sorry for the blurry quality of the one above - my OH was not very sober when he took it! I'm also slightly worse for wear but we had a great day with family, plenty to eat and lovely presents.

I was thoroughly spoilt. My partner bought me: perfume, 3 books by Elena Ferrante, 3 bras (badly needed), a M&S voucher which I spent on underwear, 2 CDs and a long wanted yellow cardigan which is still to arrive. My daughter bought me a faux leather moto jacket, perfume, a Persephone book (see here), and a tunic top.  I wore both both today. Youngest grandson bought me some chocolates and a pretty bird house which I'll hang inside because if I put it outside the birds will just crap all over it!  My eldest grandson gave me an Amazon gift card so I've bought 3 more books - the 4th Elena Ferarnte and two more Persephone books My middle grandson bought me a lovely blue waterfall cardigan, some sweets and a picture frame. I got cash from my brothers and spent it on more perfume and some money to splurge when we go rummaging in Huntingdon on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to this as I haven't been to Huntingdon for years....

I'm wearing a Salwar Kameez from the British Red Cross shop where everything is £1.99, leggings from E bay.