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Flying to Ireland...

Hello again! Autumn is well and truly here now. Last Tuesday evening OH and I went to watch this at the cinema. I'd completely forgotten OH had booked tickets for it and when he said to me at 7 pm 'what time shall we leave?' - it reminded me! It was a very enjoyable film and laugh out loud funny in a couple of places...but I wouldn't want to watch it again. I lost one of these earrings later in the day. I bought them about 15 years ago at a car boot sale for 50 p! I started Wednesday by going to Sainsbury's to collect a heated clothes airer. After researching heated airers and dehumidifiers the heated airer won. I'll let you know how I get on with it once I start to use it. I hung out Wednesday's wash on the line before I left to recce the walk I'd lead in a weeks time. The weather began as quite cool but soon the sun came out and it became very warm. The walk was 7.3 miles in total and there were no obstacles or closed footpaths this time to contend wit