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Walking by the Thames in heat wave July.

I couldn't get my remote clicker to work on Wednesday and these photos were the best I could do. The setting was also stuck on 2 seconds; I had 2 seconds to get back into position before the photo was taken. You can see it didn't work; I'm still in motion on the right! On Thursday, however, everything was fine as I realised the clicker wasn't working because I had forgotten to enable Bluetooth on my phone so it wasn't picking up the clicker's signal - doh. Anyway, this was my outfit on Wednesday. Loose blue speckled trousers by M&S; a top by F&F and navy blue Mary Janes. All jewellery and clothes charity shopped.  All of us except OH had not been feeling well. Me, since Tuesday. We all had coughs, runny noses, lots of sneezing and feeling achey and shivery. We all tested negative for Covid but grandson didn't go to school on Wednesday. I kept dosing myself up with Paracetamol and Ibuprofen which kept the shivers and the aches under control. I went in