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Bad news and good times

  Hello again! I found 6 Joyce Carol Oates books on my bookshelves including a short story collection - no need for the library yet... Woke up to rain on Wednesday and it persisted throughout the day. I didn't fancy a group walk so set out on my own at 9.30 and walked 7.8 miles; Biddenham-Bromham-Great Denham-Queen's Park part of 'The Ouse Valley Way'. This map needs updating as it doesn't include Great Denham (a relatively new village built in the last 10 years). The Ouse Valley Way starts at Syresham in Northants and travels 150 miles to the sea at King's Lynn (in Norfolk). I'd love to do that walk one day. As I got to the Queen's Park part of the walk I spotted this casualty of the storms we had a few months ago: A huge branch had been torn off this poor Horse Chestnut tree. I always feel terribly sorry for trees that lose their limbs... After my walk I came home to hang out some washing and after pottering about a bit went to collect youngest grandso