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Back to normal....

Hello it's good to be back! This is a photo heavy post - you have been warned... This was me on the morning we sailed from Liverpool to Belfast. We stayed overnight in a 'Premier Inn' but when we arrived in Birkenhead in the afternoon it was cold and the rain was lashing down. We chilled out for the rest of the day; cancelling any idea of taking a ferry across the Mersey - next time perhaps - and got up bright and early on Saturday to catch the ferry. The view from the ferry of Liverpool. We had an extremely relaxing time on our two week trip to Ireland. We did very little except visit three sets of relatives; one set in Mullaghmore and Grange in Co. Sligo; another set in Mohill, Co. Leitrim and the final visit was to Edenderry in Co. Offaly. We had a few warm, sunny days but mostly it rained; it was Ireland after all! One evening the wind was so ferocious the mobile home seemed to rock from side. I thought we would be blown over, for sure.  We had a short snow storm one da