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And we're off!

Hello again! This was what I wore to the food bank on Tuesday. It was a cool overcast day and I definitely needed a jacket. What's happened to the summer? The first time in 7 years I've spent August in the UK and the weather has not been good... Palazzo pants from Bedford Market, top by Principles, charity shopped as were the Hotter shoes. All jewellery charity shopped; the bangle is the most recent purchase bought in Oxfam, Notting Hill on our recent trip to London. After the food bank I went to town to the bank, the library and to buy some more face wash and few other bits and pieces. I stopped at two charity shops and bought an African top for 1.00; a cross body bag in a nude colour and a M&S skirt which will work for all year round. In the evening I went for a swim managing 42 laps (1.4km). Although some things had died back or gone over in the garden there were new and exciting things popping up. We had the beginnings of tomatoes and the green peppers were swelling. Th