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Freedom day, travel plans and car troubles.

Here we are again - that fortnight flew by! The weather was so changeable in early July. On Wednesday 7th it was humid and warm but mostly overcast. I took the train to Harlington to meet the Ivel Valley group for a walk to Pulloxhill and Sharpenhoe.  I walked  about 8 miles as I walked to the station; there and back and from the station; there and back. That was the first time I'd been on a train since our first lock down in March 2020. There were almost no people on the train and of course I wore my mask; it did feel slightly strange. No, I'll correct that and say that it felt 'normal' and as there was not a lot that was still 'normal' at that point -  was why it felt strange. If you see what I mean... Obviously I didn't wear this on the walk but changed into it when I got home. The skirt was an impulse buy in QD last year, I think, as it was only a fiver. I've had the white tee shirt for ever and the black and white jacket by Next was a 1.00 rail find