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Happy birthday to me

I bought these daffodils in the food charity last week. The flowers were all closed but by the following morning several had opened and then all had opened when I took this photo. Such cheerful little beauties! The weather in the week beginning  March 1st had definitely turned colder. On Wednesday, it was both cold and foggy and it rained in the afternoon.  I just didn't fancy a walk. I did fancy making a cake, however, and as I didn't have enough butter or ground almonds decided to go to Aldi or Lidl to buy some. Aldi didn't have any ground almonds but Lidl did. Somehow on that little trip I managed to spend almost 25.00! I bought new PJs; 2 new pairs of socks, some drawer dividers and some green wool; as well as the things I went for. The cake, a mincemeat crumble cake, took forever to cook but I finally used up the 2 remaining jars of mincemeat I've been promising to use up for months. Both jars were dated use by August 2020  and tasted absolutely fine. Use by dates

Coming out of Lockdown #3

On my last post I forgot to show you the lovely flowers my Valentine bought for me. 12 beautiful roses in an array of colours - and a box of chocolates, now long gone, sadly. The painting is called 'The Flower Seller' by Diego Rivera; husband of Frida Kahlo. I bought it in a Sligo charity shop in 2019; where I spotted it in the window when the shop was closed. I went back the next day with my two cousins to find a lady enquiring about it. As soon as she heard me saying I had seen it yesterday and had come back to buy it; she most kindly let me have it. I think she was a bit uncertain about it anyway. I'm sorry to say that as I loved the painting so much I don't think I would have let her have it if the situation had been reversed. She was clearly a much nicer person than me! I wore this to the food bank on Tuesday which was where I left you on my previous post. A lovely mild day it turned out to be. Just to be on the safe side I wore my thermal leggings underneath and s