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Lockdown Number 3 and a cold spell

  Lockdown number three is upon us. Nowhere open other than essential shops; no swimming; indoors or outdoors. Stay at home, save lives, save the NHS is the repeat mantra; as our hospitals become overloaded with covid patients. It was brought home to me on the Tuesday before last when I went to the food bank. The food bank is considered an essential service so it stays open. One of our drivers has covid and was hospitalised just after Christmas and was on oxygen.  Luckily, he was recovering; but because of this we were asked to start wearing masks in the warehouse. When I was at the charity shop before the Tier 4 restrictions and the current lockdown closed it; I wore a mask there for about four hours at a time. I'm usually only at the food bank for 2.5 hours; but when the manager told me to go to the bathroom and look at my face about 11am; I was startled to see that all my eye makeup had run and I had two big panda eyes! I can only put it down to the coldness of the warehouse whi

Happy New Year 2021!

 Happy New Year to everyone! I would like to thank all my blogging friends and followers for their support and positivity over this last horrible year. Blogging is pointless without comments so please keep reading and commenting; your comments are precious and much appreciated! Now on to more practical matters: Winter Coat/Jacket No.10 Sorry for the crappy photos - the light was not good on Wednesday before Christmas. It rained all day. Just as well my group walk was cancelled. This is my trusty black leather jacket bought for me by my daughter some years ago. I should have zipped it up for the photo; I wore it zipped up whilst I did the Christmas food shopping on Wednesday.  It wasn't too manic; the food shopping, but I was glad it was finished. I unpacked the shopping took the youngest grandson home after making him some lunch. I did several washes including washing all the cushion covers from the living room sofas. I then made a South African dish for dinner; cabbage beedie. It&