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Autumn things and a visit...

Hello again and I hope the end of October finds you well. Our clocks have gone back and it's darker in the morning but the days are apparently longer. I can't say I've noticed yet! Although I only post once a fortnight I do find that fortnight rolls around very quickly.... All jewellery charity shopped. When I last posted it was on a Monday; but I'm going to backtrack to Tuesday where I went to the food bank in the morning.  The Manager said the numbers using the food bank are increasing - as we expected once the colder weather had begun. My two colleagues were in and we worked very hard - as we always do. With all the lifting, bending, carrying and walking around the warehouse I always feel as if I've had a workout by the time I've finished.  On Mondays at the charity shop, I usually need to sit down with my feet up for about an hour once I've got home; as standing for 4 hours takes it toll on my back. I never sit down in the charity shop -  ever! I wore th