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Maxi challenge!

You'll be pleased to know that I found 2 more tunics to complete the challenge but the best news of all is - it's over! Final Days 36 and 37 - Tunic challenge All jewellery charity shopped. This is a Zara tunic charity shopped a few years ago but can't remember where. Worn with a M&S long sleeved tee underneath from a 1.00 rail somewhere.  Brown leggings M&S retail. Boots; present from daughter. I wore this outfit on Wednesday after I set out to do the final recce for my bus walk on Friday. I did 3.5 miles; realised I wouldn't make it to Pavenham village in time to catch my bus back; which meant a two hour wait for the next one. What did I do? I was so lucky; when I got to Felmersham a bus was waiting at the bus stop and I hopped on it back to Bedford! As I was back early I went out for a quick rummage in the afternoon. The 3:16 charity shop was selling women's clothes at 1.00. I bought another tunic - I know, I know, but I

Christmas and welcome 2020!

Happy New Year to you and let's hope 2020 is a good year for us all! The tunic challenge continues; but I warn you there is a lot of black and white... Day 15 - Tunic Challenge Leggings by M&S; Christmas present from my daughter last year; boots; Primarni retail. Lace tunic and heart shirt both from my Barnardo's. I wore this to volunteer on the Monday before Christmas. There had been another 1.00 sale at the weekend and the rails were looking very empty in places so my job was to restock them as fast as I could... All jewellery charity shopped. Day 16 - Tunic Challenge All jewellery charity shopped. The last of the unfortunately, unrecyclable wrapping paper waiting to go up into the loft. Next year, I'm reverting to brown paper and ribbon and may try Vix's block print idea - see  HERE I seem to have no feet in the above photo! Leggings; retail sale ages ago. Tunic by Capri and cardigan both charity shopped but can&#