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Blackbird news, blogger meet ups and other things...

Blackbird update! We got another look in the nest and there was at the time of writing this - 4 eggs in situ. A second clutch, as Mim said in her comment on the original of my last post. Watch this space! Further update - I saw Mrs. Blackbird taking food to the nest; I think the eggs may have hatched! But to return to the weekend of our London group walk. We began our walk from Blackfriars station. This pub was across the road from the station - can you see the Black Friar on the front?  From Blackfriars we headed for the embankment where we walked to St. Katherine's Dock and Limehouse Basin. From there we walked to the Old Docklands area of London which is full of dwellings made from converted warehouses now; but once were filled with wharves. Their original function lives on in the building names and streets. The vessel with the sails (top left) is an original Thames barge once the workhorse of the river; seen in  St. Katherine's Dock. Bridges or walkways conn

Updated post - More Family, more walking and more bargains!

NB - I've had an issue with posting my most recent post so I am re-posting it. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to copy across the comments I received from Vix, JayCee, Mim and Suzanne but thank you for the comments anyway! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The baby blackbirds flew the nest just after I last posted. They returned and were feeding on my bird feeders. I felt like a very proud mum watching them become more independent by the day! About 5 days after the fledglings flew the nest we went to look at the abandoned nest. To our astonishment there was still one egg in it. I can only surmise the egg embryo is dead as Mrs. Blackbird had not been sitting on the nest for quite a while. The construction of the nest was exquisite; made of tightly woven grass and fine twigs. It was sitting on the middle shelf of a metal, three tier, open shelving unit (charity shopped of course