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Ireland and before...

The week before I went to Ireland I was at Barnardo's on Monday as usual. I spent the whole  morning 'decoding' the stock on the shop floor. It was called 'culling' at the Red Cross, which brings images of dead seals to mind! Anyway, it means getting rid of stock that has been out on the shop floor for a while; checking the date on the label, deciding whether it is to be sent on to another shop or ragged or even reduced. Whilst I was doing this the Manager was reorganising where the clothing went and generally refreshing the whole shop. It certainly worked, because as an example, a rather nice pink coat from Zara, which had been languishing on the pink rail (the shop colour codes the clothes) for weeks was moved to another part of the shop and bought ten minutes later by a young woman! I enjoy the decoding as it gives me a chance to look through what there is on the shop floor in detail; and I put aside four reduced items for myself. A bright green M&S cardig

Another birthday!

Hello again!  I walked with my group again on Wednesday; we started from the marina in Bedford and had an urban walk  of 6.5 miles through different parts of Bedford. One of my fellow walkers, who has lived in the town for 50 years, wasn't aware of some of the paths we took! It was a totally windless day - such a contrast to the previous week. This was Thursday's outfit. Everything charity shopped. The blue trousers were bought from the 3:16 charity shop last week in a BOGOF deal for 3.00. The top was a 1.00 rail bargain from Barnardo's. The white Mary Jane's were bought from Oxfam in Newport Pagnell for 10.00. All jewellery and the scarf were charity shopped. The beads are navy blue but look black in this photo! I had a pretty busy day on Thursday. I went walking by myself in the morning; 7.5 miles; did the food shopping; delivered a couple of no longer used tables to grandson's mum; did a whites wash; cleaned out the wood burner and cooke