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Hospitals and how I tie my headscarf...

I forgot to mention in my last post that in one of those post photos I only had one earring on. Did any of you spot it? OH didn't notice either and he's the one who took the photos! I didn't realise until I was getting ready for bed. Unfortunately, I still haven't found the earring. I thought I might have dropped it  in the car but no; it wasn't there. I shall hang on to the other one just in case it turns up. I'm wearing the earrings in question in the photo (above). Bought from The Guild House when I volunteered there briefly. It's true, Spring is on its way! Snowdrops seen in Milton Ernest when I recce'd my walk last Tuesday afternoon. I also saw aconites and crocuses; both emblematic of Spring flowers.  Everything charity shopped. With the exception of the tunic/dress which is from New Look and I can't remember where I bought it from and how much it was; everything else is from the 1.00 or 99p rail. Both jeans and jacket are by Ne

Walking and not walking

I expect a lot of you will be aware that Google will be removing Google+ from Blogger. What effect this will have on Blogger or Blogger comments I'm afraid I don't know, other than if you comment using Google+ it will no longer work and such comments will disappear from the blog!  I hope it won't put you off from commenting! If it does cause problems it may necessitate me moving to another  blogging platform...we'll just have to wait and see. Hello again! We've had some very cold weather recently but it didn't stop me recce'ing my walk again on Tuesday afternoon, as well as going to the food bank in the morning. This was Tuesday's outfit after the walk and I wore it to the food bank too but with leggings underneath for extra warmth. I can't remember where I bought any of these charity shopped items except the white top which was a 1.00 rail buy. The African print skirt and the Country Casuals tweedy jacket were both bought last